How to tone your thighs fast: 7 tips – WikiYeah

7. Tone Your Thighs With Seated Leg Lifts

You could not tone your thighs while sitting down with seated leg lifts. While watching your favorite TV programs, you can raise the calf so it will be in line with the thighs, alternating your legs for 10 raises on each side. Repeat the routine for 3 sets of 10. Did you know that by increasing your heart rate even for just 30 seconds at a time, you will your own body to burn much more calories all day long?

By following these 7 tips on how to tone your thighs fast you can be well on your way to leaner and sculpted thighs within a short period of time! Make sure you like WikiYeah on Facebook to be updated every time we post brand new tips and tricks on ways to live a healthy life.

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