10 tips on how to treat tennis elbow pain naturally at home

It is not necessary for you to become tennis player to get tennis elbow. In fact, any physical activity which requires repetitive wrist or arm movement could trigger tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis which is often caused by the overuse of muscle as well as tendons around the forearm and elbow joint. As a result, it causes pain and soreness around the outer part of the elbow. Also, the tendons are involved in the movement of wrist and, if inflamed, could cause pain.  This condition often impacts people between the age of 35 and 65 and is so common among those people who play tennis, badminton, racquetball, squash, fencing, or weight lifting. Moreover, it impacts those with hobbies or jobs requiring such repetitive movements such as carpentry, typing, using plumbing tools, raking, knitting, and painting. It impacts the dominant arm.

Often times, tennis elbow will be able to heal on its own. Just simply give your injured arm a break. However, if you want to speed up your healing process, then try some special tips on how to treat tennis elbow pain at home introduced by Wikiyeah.com. Check them out now!

How To Treat Tennis Elbow Pain Naturally – 10 Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow

How To Treat Tennis Elbow

1. Ice

The first and simplest tip on how to treat tennis elbow at home is to make use of ice pack. Icing your elbow can lessen pain as well as swelling. Also, it might help you prevent progression of the problem. Alternatively, you can use a frozen pea bag to replace for ice.

To make use of ice pack, you should wrap several ice cubes in a thin towel then rest the elbow on the pillow or any other cushioned area. After that, you place the towel gently on your painful area. Wait for 15 minutes before removing it. Keep repeating the routine a few times per day till your pain is gone. However, do not put the ice directly right on your skin. [Read: home remedies for neck pain]

2. Contrast Hydrotherapy

The contrast therapy, which means alternating cold and hot compress onto the affected area, is one of effective tips on how to treat tennis elbow pain at home. Whilst the heat will stimulate the blood circulation and decrease pain, the cold will alleviate the inflammation and swelling.

You can wrap a hot water bottle in such a thin towel and wrap several ice cubes in the other towel. Then, you place the hot compress onto the affected area and instantly put a cold compress on that area, for 1 minute or so. Keep alternating compresses for 15 minutes. You had better follow this routine several times per day till you get good relief.

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