7 foolproof tips on how to trust again after being cheated on

Have you been hurt by your cheating lover? Do you want to make a relationship with someone new, even though you have leftover trust problem? Or, perhaps you have decided that you love your cheating lover so much to end things and want to try to work through your trust issues. If you have any of the ideas above, you should learn how to trust again after being cheated on. Take a look from the following list collected by Wikiyeah.com to see if you could trust again or not!

How To Trust Again – Work On Trust Issues After Being Cheated On

How to trust again
How to trust again
  1. Communicate More Often

This should be the first and foremost tip on how to trust again. Because you have been cheated on recently, so your imagination will run wild if your lover does not reply your texts or if his/her car is not in the normal driveway that is should be. To trust again, you should tell each other what the plans of the two of you for the day are. That way, you will stop daydreaming about him/her running around with other women/men.

  1. Be Frank

Once your lover really wants the relationship to work again, they will do whatever they could in order to make your feel secured. That is why you should be frank with them about what makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are unhappy about their friendship with the ex, simply tell your feelings. You will either handle the problem or end the relationship, but either way you will be happier. [Read: how to build trust in a relationship]

  1. Build A Rule Of No Hiding

It is not healthy to snoop through the phone of your partner as he/she leaves the room. Nevertheless, it is also reckoned as unhealthy to have a lock on your own phone in order to prevent your lover from checking it out. In such case, the best thing you could do is to make a proper agreement which you could look at the phone or laptop of each other when you want. That will help the two of you feel safe and there is nothing to hide. In addition, the temptation to look will disappear when the two of you are given the right to do it. [Read: how to love someone]

  1. Be Confident

You should not be paranoid when you catch your lover looks at another woman/man. Remember, you sometimes or even often look at other men/women, yet this does not mean you want to cheat, right? So, the next time your man does something small which makes you have question the loyalty of himself/herself to you, just simply ask yourself whether or not you have done something similar before you begin to fight. [Read: mixed signals from guys]

  1. Spend More Time Together

If you really want to know how to trust again after being cheated on, you need to spend more time with each other, just one-on-one. By having fun with each other, you will realize that they do not love anyone else but you, and it will be easier to trust them for you.

  1. Let Your Doubts Be The Past

Cheating is really not good for any relationship. It takes time to heal and restore the relationship, which is why you need to be patient with even yourself. Do not rush to trust again. It is normal for you, as a person being hurt, to wonder if your lover is doing wrong with you. Nevertheless, if you really love him/her, and know he/she will never hurt you again, you will let your doubts be the past and make the relationship work. [Read: why do men cheat and lie]

  1. Find A Different Person To Trust

Maybe, after trying the tips on how to trust again after being cheated on, you cannot trust again. Then, the last tip is to find another person to trust. Really, the hard truth is that most relationships fall apart when there is a cheat happening. If you have a difficult time to trust your lover once again after he/she sleeps with someone else, you might feel easier to trust someone new by having a new relationship. Cheating might scare, making you feel insecure in a new relationship. Nevertheless, you could remind yourself that your ex was the person who hurt you, not the current one. Do not take out your angry on someone else.

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