How to understand people better – 7 useful psychology tips

4. Put Yourself Into The Other Persons’ Shoes

Normally, people could understand well something that they have experienced by themselves; nevertheless, when they cope with the new patterns of behaviors or situations, they are usually puzzled. Fact is, it is naturally that you could not comprehend the new things that you do not get through them. However, if you want to understand other people better, then you should put yourself into their shoes. That means you need to stop judging and giving conclusions and condemning. Rather than, you need to analyze. That way, you will grasp the motives and intentions of a person, helping you get better understanding.

5. Keep In Mind That The Actions Of Other People Always Coincide With Their Own Thoughts

It is the main reason of misunderstanding as well as disagreement among people. Occasionally, it occurs intentionally, yet what people really want to do and what they do in reality are two separate things. For instance, when a man is in love and tries to seduce a woman, he could do a lot of ridiculous things which will just scare that woman away. Oftentimes, it might be too easy to misinterpret behaviors of a person, give wrong conclusions and spoil the relationship. On the other hand, just think how many times you have ever said “Fine” or “It is okay” upon you felt definitely opposite. It is a typical behavior of women and sometimes of men also. Truth is, our pride might prevent us from expressing the weaknesses of ourselves, you should keep in mind that. Thus, a person, sometimes, needs encouragement and support no matter what she or he is going to say. [Read: how to feel sexy and confident]

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