How to use comfrey for arthritis effectively at home

It is said that the use of Comfrey in Chinese traditional medicine has spans over 2,000 years. Though it has been used for many centuries, it has still become controversial in the last century for risk of causing liver problems if used internally. That being said, some external uses are more useful.

How to use comfrey for arthritis

What Is Comfrey?

Comfrey is widely known as “one of the greatest medicinal herbs of the nature”. Comfrey baths were very common during the Middle Ages. However, recently some studies have shown some toxic effects of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the comfrey have alerted herbalists to be wary of internally using it. If used in large doses or over a long period of time, it might cause potential damage to the liver. Learn symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Known as Symphytum officinale L, belonged to the Boraginaceae family, this herb is miracle and easily recognizable, with large, outstretched leaves and vibrant color flowers which resembles bells.

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What Are Uses Of Comfrey?

Comfrey can be used externally for healing broken bones and wounds. So it is one of the simple home remedies for many health problems. Thanks to the high content of vitamin C and Calcium, it helps to stimulate the healing activity. In folk medicine, comfrey is sometimes referred to as the “knitbone” for the ability of speeding wound healing.

Comfrey root consists of active constituents named allatoin, mucilage, and rosmaric acid, providing the anti-inflammatory as well as pain-relieving effects of the herb. Rosmaric acid might particularly help to prevent the pulmonary vascular injuries. However, because comfrey root also consists of large amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are toxic and may be associated with liver damage once taken internally, so its root extract is not recommended for internal take.

According to a lot of people, their broken toes have been healed thanks to the use of comfrey. They make a poultice of the leaves and plantain of comfrey and apply it to their broken tone a few times per day. It takes twice per day, for 2 days to notice the reduction of pain in their toes. The pain was almost not-noticeable after week. The second week, they could wear whatever shoes they wanted and believed in the benefits of comfrey.

On the other hand, you can use topical or oral remedies consisting of comfrey root extract for different traditional purposes. You may use topical the comfrey root remedies to treat sprains and strains, back pain, bone fractures, varicose veins, bruises, conjunctivitis, or minor wounds.

How To Use Comfrey For Arthritis – 2 Simple Ways

1. Massage Oil

Comfrey can infuse well into the massage oil and does a good job at relieving the tender spots. You can create your own muscle rub using comfrey along with arnica bringing amazing relief to arthritis as well as other sore areas. You can add lavender essential oil for relaxation.

Steps to use comfrey for arthritis:

  • Prepare an oven-proof dish, cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer
  • 2 cups of jojoba or olive oil or another carrier oil
  • 1 cup of dried herbs
  • Pour 3-5 drops of pure lavender essential oil
  • Dry, clean glass jar to store the oil in
  • Turn the oven to 200 degrees. Add the herbs and oil to the oven-proof dish, then stir it up so that all leaves are covered with the oil. Turn off the oven when it gets 200 degrees. Put the prepared oven-proof dish into the oven, and wait for several hours.
  • After 3 hours, take out that dish and strain the oil from leaves
  • Discard the herbs before adding the infused oil to the glass jar. Add several drops of lavender oil, put a lid on and wash gently. Put the jar into a dark, cool place.

    2. Comfrey Infusion

Infusions are similar to a strong tea, which are steeped in the water for a few hours in the tightly sealed jar. Using a canning jar of quart-size can help hold up the boiling water.

  • After preparing, add a comfrey infusion to your bath for sore muscles. If you have sore feet, add Epsom salt, and hot water to help you feel better. Generally, infusions are made using flowers or leaves.
  • Take one ounce of dried comfrey leaves and put it into the canning jar before filling the jar with boiling water.
  • Tight up with the lid and let it steep till the water cools down.
  • Strain out herbs and drink

Comfrey Notes and Precautions

As mentioned earlier in this article of how to use comfrey for arthritis, comfrey is not recommended internally, or for pregnant women, even externally. Consult a doctor as well as qualified herbalist before using this herb.