How to use foundation on the face for the first time like a pro

The right foundation will even out your own skin tone and give you the appearance of flawless skin. For those who are new to makeup, learning how to use foundation on the face for the first time might need somehow practice. There is actually something you absolutely need to know before using foundation for the first time. You will not want to walk around with bad shading or blobs.  This article from will give you some of the most useful tips on how to use foundation on the face for the first time like a pro so you will ensure you first time of applying foundation is a success. Check out below!

How To Use Foundation On The Face – 8 Tips For The First Time

How to use foundation

1. Opt For Your Texture

When it comes to tips on how to use foundation on the face, the first tip is to opt for the kind of foundation which you want to use. There are two most popular kinds which are liquid and powder, though there are currently available hybrid products like creams that suit some individuals more. Generally, those liquid foundations are anything which is liquid. While cream foundations are often a colored paste or a mousse, the powder foundation could either be loose or pressed pearls. You can combine textures together; it is okay. However, it is easier for you to master one foundation as you first get going. [Read: how to wear dark lipstick]

2. Opt For Your Shade

How to use foundation on face, next? After choosing the texture, you then need to find the proper foundation shade for your own skin. Actually, foundations are available in a wide range of colors, so you might find difficult to pick one straight off at the beginning. Thus, you should head to a makeup counter and have marked tester bottle. Yet, do not apply those tested bottles on your face right instantly, apply a little bit of foundations on your neck or wrist and choose the one that closely matches your own skin tone. In case you find it difficult to choose one by yourself, many beauty stores offers machines suggesting the best color, you can get the help from staffs. [Read: how to get pink lips]

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