How to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening safely – 3 steps

Have you ever heard about whitening teeth with hydrogen peroxide? You may have heard about it and now are skeptical about how hydrogen peroxide would work to whiten your teeth, right? Let’s talk about hydrogen peroxide for several minutes and particularly how it relates to the human teeth and overall dental care.

Hydrogen peroxide, in general, is a rather common product which has been used by a large number of people for years as an antiseptic and disinfectant, particularly in case of small wounds and cuts. Apart from cleaning out cuts, it is also used as an additive in laundry detergents and for removing stains out of carpets or upholstery, for lightening the color of hair and for household cleaning. However, is it safe for the teeth?

According to WebMD, actually many store-stocked teeth whiteners consist of the compound named carbamide peroxide that breaks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide has function as a bleaching agent whilst the urea functions as an acid to break apart the stain bonds in teeth. Hydrogen peroxide becomes an effective and powerful whitener as it is released by contacting with the air, teeth and moisture. The majority of OTC teeth whitening products consist of approximately 10% carbamide peroxide whilst the solutions sold via dentists could contain about 10-35%.

Some dentists claim against using hydrogen peroxide  as one of the natural ways to whiten teeth at home. They say that it is too hard and rough on the human gums as well as the lining of the mouth, thereby damaging tooth enamel. It may take several months for you to notice the problems. But, there are still many people say that they use hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth and do not realize any harsh problems.

There are two factors you need to pay extra attention to when using hydrogen peroxide for whitening teeth: the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and the amount of time for safe contact between your teeth and hydrogen peroxide.

So, how to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening? Check out the following steps and recommendations, collected by, to get white pearls safely by using hydrogen peroxide. Some information introduced in this article is referred from WikiHow, and Howstuffworks.

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Teeth Whitening – 3 Must-Take Steps

How to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

1. Choose The Solution With 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used to treat cuts and skin wounds, yet its antiseptic properties are good for oral hygiene as well. Typically, hydrogen peroxide is packed in a brown bottle. Depending on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide they contain, tooth whitening and oral hygiene products are either freely sold out over the counter for the use at home, or dispensed by dental professionals for home use or exclusively applied by professionals in their own offices.
Normally, in European Union, the oral hygiene products are free sold to consumers if they contain no over 0.1% hydrogen peroxide while in the USA, teeth whitening products with significantly higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are sold. And, in the official dental care centers, professionals can use products with relatively higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide for rapid treatments, for instance 25 – 35%.
When it comes to learning how to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening, for safe use, you should just opt for a 3% solution, which is not harmful for oral use.

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2. Brush Your Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide Daily For A Few Days

In order to know how to use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening safely, you should follow these steps:

• Mix 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of mint toothpaste or peppermint extract to give it a fresh flavor
• Add this homemade toothpaste onto the toothbrush
• Brush your teeth with this paste in circular, small motions for 1-2 minutes
• Rinse your teeth off with water carefully to make sure that there is any remnants of that mixture
• Repeat this routine daily until you see your desired results
• After you have gained the brightness and whiteness as your wish, you turn to once per week for maintenance routine.

Warning: Some websites recommend brushing your teeth with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda occasionally to whiten teeth fast, but it is not a good idea as many dentists warn that it is too abrasive for teeth.

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3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide As A Daily Mouthwash Before Brushing The Teeth

Another way to use of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is use it as a mouthwash before washing teeth. Here are steps:

• Pour 2 tablespoons (about 30 ml) of the antiseptic into the mouth, swish around for 1 minute or so. When the solution gets foaming, you know that it is working. When the hydrogen peroxide mixed with oral bacteria, there are bubbles formed in the mouth.
• After that, spit out that solution and rinse the mouth thoroughly with clean water
• Brush teeth as usual

Some Precautions To Watch For:

• Be careful when using hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening as sometimes it may damage your teeth and your tooth enamel if used for a long time
• Swallowing peroxide could lead to upset stomach or diarrhea. And, if consumed in large doses, it is fatal.
• You may notice tooth sensitivity when following this method, as well as most other tooth whitening programs. So, consider using toothpastes for sensitive teeth.
• You might feel stinging whilst swishing peroxide around inside of your mouth

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How To Maintain Your Teeth Whiteness?

• You should avoid brush the teeth right instantly after drinking beverages and eating foods that cause staining, such as red wine, coffee, berries, tea, and chocolate. If you cannot resist them, use a straw to maintain the results of whiteness
• Drink a lukewarm or cold beverage is better than a hot one.