How to use hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax at home

Hydrogen peroxide, aka hydrogen dioxide or H202, is commonly used for medicine purposes, particularly cleaning wounds. This is a natural substance which is produced as a by-product from body cells.

Hydrogen peroxide supplies an effective method of treating different problems related to ear, including ear infections, ear inflammation, earwax and more. Previously, has introduced some articles about how to use hydrogen peroxide for ear infections, for acne, and for teeth whitening. Today, in this entry, we give you some helpful tips on how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax.

In essence, ear wax is essential to protect the skin of the ear canal and also trap the dust and bacteria. However, sometimes, too much wax is produced than necessary. Extra wax could harden within the ear canal and then block the ear, thereby making it hard to hear.
Different people vary considerably in the consistency as well as amount of ear wax. There are two kinds of ear wax, including wet and dry type, which are inherited. Normally, dry ear wax is popular in Asia whilst wet one is popular in Western Europe. Dry wax consists of about 20% lipid (by weight) while wet wax about 50%. Too little or too much ear wax is also not good. Too little ear wax will increase the potential risk of infection whilst too much wax will increase the incidence of hearing loss and infection. Thus, you always want just enough.

Now, if you are in the group with too much ear wax, you may want to know how to remove it quickly but safely, right? Using hydrogen peroxide will let your ear wax steadily soften, permitting removal by an irrigation method. Yet, before using hydrogen peroxide for ear wax removal, you should make sure that:

• You do not have any ear infection, a perforated eardrum, severe pain or hearing impairment

• You do not use hydrogen peroxide if you have sensitive skin

• You just use hydrogen peroxide which is not stronger than 3%

Now, here is a step-by-step process about how to use hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax. Take a look!

How to use hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax

1. Preparation For How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Ear Wax

• 3% hydrogen peroxide
• Cotton swabs
• Olive oil
• Cotton balls
• A towel
• Warm water
• A bulb aspirator
• A dropper
• A couples of bowls

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2. Detailed Steps On How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Ear Wax

• Warm up the hydrogen peroxide as well as olive oil bottles in a warm water bowl to make the process of removing ear wax more comfortable

• If you have a small amount of ear wax, you can do a short procedure by dipping a Q-tip or a cotton swab in a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and use it to clean the outer area of ear canal.

• If you want to remove wax build-up, you need to spend about 30 minutes or more for the whole ear waxing process.

• Draw 2-3 drops of warm oil into a dropper.

• Lie on your side with the ear you want to treat facing upwards.

• Apply 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide for ear wax removal into the ear canal; do not push the tip of the dropper too deep into the canal. Just put drops in your ear one at a time. If possible, ask a friend to put drops in your ear. Doctors from WebMD recommend placing drops in your ear until you can see that the drops fill the ear canal.

• Wait several minutes to allow sufficient time for hydrogen peroxide to well penetrate the wax.

• You may hear bubbling sounds and it might feel itchy or ticklish.

• Place a towel on your shoulder to absorb any drips coming out of the procedure.

• When the bubbling stops, you drain your ear by flipping your head towards the shoulder with the towel placed onto.

• Repeat the procedure on the other ear

• To drain the oil as well as hydrogen peroxide from your ears, you draw warm water using the bulb aspirator.

• Tilt your head over a sink and then squeeze the bulb aspirator to squirt water into your treated ear to help remove loosened ear wax.

• After that, use a cotton swab to dry the outer ear.

• You need to repeat this entire process if your wax is hard and thick

Some Notes When using Hydrogen Peroxide For Ear Wax Removal:

• Do not poke the inner ear with the cotton swab, the dropper or other subjects

• Avoid pushing your ear wax deeper into your ear canal because this could lead to further impaction.

• Dry out the outer ear thoroughly after you irrigate it with water to prevent bacteria breeding in it. It is advised to put several drops of alcohol into your ear to speed up the drying process or drying your ear by using a hair dryer on low settings.