How to use neem for scabies at home effectively

Before getting to know how to use neem for scabies at home on, you should acknowledge what scabies are. Invisible to the human naked eye, this tiny mite can be detected by using a magnifier. The noticeable symptoms of scabies are superficial burrows within the skin of a sufferer and very itching in the skin areas having these burrows. The symptoms should disappear in 3-5 days. If not, we are talking about severe cases where the whole body of the sufferer is impacted and secondary infections should be treated as well. In some cases, the symptoms are very acute that sufferers are unable to sleep during the night. People dealing with this skin problem are rather the only ones who understand how bad the feeling of itchy from scabies mites could be. Scabies is extremely contagious and could spread rapidly via schools, families, and other places where the direct physical contact is very common.

While almost anyone could get infected with scabies mite, one important thing that helps the majority of people to avoid this skin problem is a good hygiene. The therapeutic treatment for scabies often includes oral medications and using external ointments. However, there are still some home remedies for scabies which are effective in destroying the causal organism in all natural ways. One of the most common home remedies is using neem, particularly in the oil form.

Neem for scabies is by far the safest as well as most effective way to cure this horrible parasite. Neem oil is used medicinally for many centuries in India. It originates from the neem tree, making a particularly useful natural insect and pesticide repellant. This oil is regularly used to deal with some skin disorders, including scabies, an infestation of a form of the tiny mite named Sarcoptes scabiei.

How to use neem for scabies

How To Use Neem For Scabies Of Minor Infestation 

If you just have localized lesions along with itching in just one or a few spots, it might be enough to treat that specific area regularly with neem lotion, ointment, or salve. These neem products might contain neem leaf extract or both neem oil and leaf extract. Both of these ingredients impact the scabies mite.

Neem deals with not only scabies, but also helps to soften your itching skin, cracked, dry skin. Every form of neem contains aspirin like the substances reducing redness, pain and inflammation accompanied with secondary infections. The antibacterial properties of neem also kill the bacteria which is majorly responsible for the infection.

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How To Use Neem For Scabies Of Established Infection

If you have scabies in a large scale, then bathing is your good solution. You could add neem leaf tincture, neem leaf extract, and a few table spoons of neem oil to the hot bath. To get neem leaf extract, you could make a strong cup of tea from the dried or fresh neem leaf. If you use neem oil, you could add a small amount of liquid soap or any other emulsifier first in order to dissolve that oil.

Then, soak in the bath for 15-20 minutes. Wash yourself with the neem soap. After having a bath, you use the neem lotion, cream or salve liberally on your body. If you do have a bath tub, then make use of a strong neem soap, maybe combined with the neem oil shampoo, for showering.

Nevertheless, to be honest, none of these solutions are as effective as those messy traditional treatments.

The Traditional Remedy Using Neem For Scabies

If you have fresh neem leaves, then you could make a treatment using neem through the following steps:

  • Pound the prepared neem leaves along with turmeric to a good paste by using a mortar and pestle
  • Mix neem leaves and fresh turmeric with the ratio of 4:1
  • Spread that paste over your affected skin and leave it to dry

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Tips On Buying Neem Products

If you buy neem products for scabies, you should look for cold-pressed, raw oil, preferably organic. Besides, you should look for extra-strength neem soap with about 20-40% of neem oil content, not a tiny token amount)

For salves and lotions, you should buy the products that are formulated for treating skin conditions, avoid buying general beauty products. Those beauty neem products just use a small amount of the neem. Despite they are good for healthy skin, they are not as effective as treating skin disorders.