How to use neem for teeth whitening – 6 useful ways

Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica, is a well-known Indian tree which has been popularly used in Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries. Having great medicine values, neem also has bacterial properties. So, it is very effective for skin and tooth health. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of the traditional medicine using Neem for its soothing, cooling and astringent properties. When it comes to oral care, neem is cooling for those minor irritations, astringent for tightening gum tissues, and soothing for inflammation.

Overall, neem is perfect for prevention and protection of oral health as well as general well-being. Neem twigs are used by a large number of Indians as the toothbrushes. The neem oil has antiseptic and astringent properties to help prevent bad breathe, damage microorganisms available in the teeth and to defeat dentalcaries as well as cavities.

Here, we from will focus on different ways in which neem is beneficial for teeth whitening.

How Is Beneficial Neem For Teeth Whitening?

How to use neem for teeth whitening

Let’s take a look to see how to use neem for teeth whitening at home.

1. Chew Neem Leaves

Chewing raw neem leaves could help you eradicate bad breath and kills the bacteria, plaque or tartar commonly building up in gums and teeth. Those people who are living in modern cities are prone to develop teeth plaque mostly because they consume so much junk food. Oftentimes, children falling prey to plaque when they eat too much sweet stuffs. Therefore, a solution for getting rid of this problem is to munch on neem leaves regularly. This will help kill plaque and expose whiter teeth.

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2. Chew Neem Bark

Another way on how to use neem for teeth whitening is chewing neem bark. It also helps fight dental disease. It is shown that chewing on neem bark can prevent the onset of dental disorders or caries.

Whilst it is necessary to conduct further studies to substantiate the chewing claims, neem bark could be found in many alternative healing stores along with online pharmacies. Consult your dentist before determining.

3. Boil Neem Leaves In Water

One of great ways on how to use neem for teeth whitening is boiling a bunch of neem leaves in the bowl of water. Boil it till tepid water before straining off the solution. Gargle with this concoction. This will help drive the existed bacteria away and ensure your teeth stay in healthy condition for a long span of time. Do it on a regular basis to sparkle white teeth naturally.

4. Brush With Neem Toothpaste

Neem is one of popular ingredients in most of herbal-based tooth pastes. You could use such toothpastes for brushing your teeth. Regular use of such products will ensure healthy, clean and white teeth. Also, you could make a home-made tooth paste by yourself and brush with it daily. Avail tooth powders from the market. Some of tooth powders are neem-based, so they are a good way to take advantage of benefits of neem.

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5. Use Neem Toothbrushes

Another use of neem for teeth whitening is in the form of toothbrush instead of toothpaste. It is suggested that neem-based toothbrushes could be used to prevent and treat the onset of dental disorders and giving white teeth. If used with traditional toothpastes, neem toothbrushes can offer the similar benefits like those when using a neem-based toothgel or chewing on the neem bark. However, further researches should be conducted on the effectiveness of neem toothbrushes, make sure that you get the advice from dentist.

6. Use Neem Twig

In regard to using neem for teeth whitening, you can use neem twig as a toothbrush to get such effect. Neem twigs have been used by Indian villagers for cleaning teeth. Neem twig can work more fruitfully than those modern toothbrushes. Being obtained from neem trees’ branches, neem twigs are cut into small sizes of 15-20 cm. The bark will be removed off in order to help the twig not harsh on the teeth and gum, just a gentle layer of thin skin still remains.

Dentists suggest using neem twigs because it helps in eliminating different sorts of tooth troubles. Also, it aids in whitening teeth and making it shiny. Buy a neem twig from the local market or simply break in a neem tree branch, cut off a twig after that. Just chew on the twig twice per day, in the morning and evening. When the fibers separate after chewing, the twig will form a brush afterwards and you could begin brushing your pearls with it.