How to use sesame seeds for constipation relief at home – Good or not?

Sesame seeds, in general, and black sesame seeds, in particular, are amazing healthful food utilized for more than 5,000 years, sesame might be one of the most nutrient-dense, potent medicinal foods which are still used today. Not only are sesame praised for their nutritional content in the seed form, but they are also highly valued for the rancid-resistant oil. Actually, there are a lot of health benefits of sesame seeds that you may not know, such as promoting beautiful, healthy skin, great for high-protein vegetarian diet, good for oral health, preventing diabetes, reducing blood pressure, promoting heart health, protecting against DNA damage for radiation, preventing cancer, boosting bone health, promoting respiratory health, preventing asthma, providing relief from rheumatoid arthritis, reducing constipation condition, and so on.  Sesame seeds come in a few varieties – yellow, brown, black and white. Among them, black sesame seeds seem to have a more intense flavor as well as aroma than the left ones. Also, they are the preferred type for medicinal use.

How to use sesame seeds for constipation

How Beneficial Sesame Seeds Are?

In this article, we will focus on the health benefit of black sesame seeds for constipation and digestion. Actually, consuming sesame seeds regularly will warrant that you will not have any serious problem with bowel movement and intestines. Sesame seeds for constipation relief are very effective as they contain a large amount of fiber, like most of natural laxative foods as well as remedies. The large number of essential vitamins and vital minerals make this natural remedy a great method to decrease constipation symptoms. Black sesame seeds might be small but they are jam packed with a lot of nutrients, including vitamin B, E and thiamine. Also, they have minerals such as selenium, copper, manganese, zinc, iron, molybdenum, calcium, and tryptophan – an amino acid. Also, they have lignans sesamolin plus with sesamin which are efficient antioxidants. They are rich in phytochemicals and fiber as well.

It is said that if you did not poop for a few days, you could take a small amount of sesame seeds along with some of other proven laxative foods such as apple cider vinegar, apple, aloe vera, or coffee. What is the most important thing about sesame seeds for constipation relief is that you do not need to anything hard to make use of the laxative properties of these seeds. Simply consume them as daily snacks and check the result of constipation relief.

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Can I Eat A Large Amount Of Sesame Seeds?

Eating a large amount of sesame seeds is not recommended because it will not make your bowel movement show up more quickly. Thus, it is highly recommended to use no more than half ounce each day. This will help you get rid of constipation. But, you should make sure that you stick to that quantity of sesame seeds every day as otherwise you could harm your own colon system because it is very vulnerable and sensitive during the time of constipation. Remember that most natural remedies for constipation are not so powerful cure if they are not combined with other herbs, beneficial foods or roots.

To make use of sesame seeds for constipation, you could make black sesame dessert for constipation as described below:


  • 120gr of black sesame
  • 24gr of astragalus
  • 40gr of honey


  • Rinse the prepared astragalus and simmer them in 3 cups of water for approximately 45 minutes to a cup of tea. Then, strain it.
  • Rinse the sesame seeds and put them in a grinder with just a half cup of fresh water before grinding to a paste.
  • Then, cook that paste with astragalus tea before adding honey to serve.

To take the most advantage of sesame seeds for constipation, you should consume 2-3 times per week till your constipation symptoms are gone.