10 tricks on how to wear dark lipstick without looking goth

When the nights get darker and cooler, and the leaves transition to crisper hues, women’s makeup palette also tends to modify with the season. While the leaves change from green to orange and red, women choose clothes from a more muted palette and trade in their bright summer lipstick and nail polish for darker berries or wine-colored hues. The colors are the perfect contrast against, be honest, less-than-sun kissed skin. The truth is, it is not always easy to wear this type of moody makeup without looking goth and washed out. Thus, this article from Wikiyeah.com gives you useful tips on how to wear dark lipstick without looking goth so that you can wear dark berry, plum, or other dark lipsticks shades gorgeously.

How To Wear Dark Lipstick – Top 10 Tips

How to wear dark lipstick

1. Wear The Right Shade

The first tip on how to wear dark lipstick is to choose the proper shade for your skin tone. While there are obviously some shades which flatter a person’s skin tone more than other people, it is recommended that a cool berry hue is flattering on every one. Fact is, it is buildable and versatile because you can wear it full pigment or sheer. [Read: how to get pink lips naturally]

2. Line The Lips

Want to know how to wear dark lipstick without looking goth? Then, you should prevent the lipstick from feathering (which might occur more easily with those darker shades). Line the lips with the lip pencil before applying the lipstick. Find a liner which precisely matches your own lip color, yet if not, go a shade darker. Make sure that you blend out harsh contrasts between the liner and the lipstick with the brush for keeping things looking smooth. [Read: how to reduce dark circles and bags under eyes]

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