How to win a girl’s heart – 10 great things you can do, guys!

5. Do Not Show Off Your Emotions Too Early

This is among basic tips on how to win a girl’s heart you need to know. If you flirted with her and she does not seem to express any reciprocating sign, do not get reckless. A lot of men, when falling in love, use their heart to think and as a result they profess their love for a woman who is not interested in dating them at all. You should not be that man. Make sure that you and her are out of friend zone, do not tell her that you really like her when you do not know that she likes you already. [Read: how to seduce a woman or girl]

6. Do Not Be Afraid Of The Competititors

Think twice before saying something subtle to her or something about another man. If she does not give her attention to you but another man in the bar, do not be sad or be threatened at all. Most importantly, you should not force her to explain about her actions. She does not owe you explanations. Keep in mind that winning a girl’s heart is really a challenge. Sometimes, you have to handle with other men who also want to impress her. [Read: how to get a girl to notice you]

7. Be Friendly With Her Friends

One of the most sure-fired ways on how to win a girl’s heart is to win over her friends. If you can make acquaintance with her friends, then treat them nicely. This is not really essential, but it does help you a lot in winning her heart.

As long as you create good impressions to her friends, she will think of getting closer to you as you are such a great catch.

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