15 creative & romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016 – WikiYeah

4. Decorate Your House

No holiday is comprehensive without festive decorations. One of common yet effective ideas for Valentine’s Day is decorating your own house first. Plan something so you could be done. Surprise your partner or your family with some amazing decors. It could be anything from romantic candles, and heart-shaped balloons. That way, you are celebrating your Valentine’s Day in such the most romantic way possible.
5. Give Both Of You The Zen Treatment

Another one in this list of creative ideas for Valentine’s Day is to book a couples treatment at a local spa for Valentine’s evening. That way, when coming back home, you will be ultra-relaxed for some late-night fun. If you could not afford it, you could also have a couple’s massage at home. Give each other luxurious massage to bring the two of you closer. Consider some romantic gestures for him or her here to give your partner great massage experience.

6. Recreate The First Date

In order to respark the romance in your relationship, consider recreating your first date. It does not have to be a precise repeat, or no need to join n high school basketball game. Just do something that shows how you validate the memories between the two of you. Have the same meal and listen to the same music song you listened that night. Send them an email list similar to the one that you sent to ask your sweetheart out. Re-watch the first film that you saw together.

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