15 creative & romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016 – WikiYeah

13. Read A Love Story

When was the last time the two of you sat down and read a good book? It has been a long time before, then you need to grab a romantic book off the bookshelf and spend that special day on reading it by candlelight. That will warm your relationship up in such a good and calm way. [Read: the art of storytelling]

14. Go On A Gift Mission

This is among creative ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hit the bookstore or music store together and split up. The mission is to purchase something you know that your lover will love and then wrap it up and exchange. It will surprise both sides, trust me!

15. Wine Tasting

The last idea for this Valentine’s Day is to taste wine. Wine tasting could be a wonderful outdoor activity. It is really romantic and could eliminate all the jitters and put you in the mood for love. You should look out for those local wine tasting events and opt for the best one. Also try to target the audience as well as suitability for the romantic mood. And, before planning this wine tasting trip, you should learn how to taste wine to prepare for the greatest experience possible.

Above are 15 creative and romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hope that you find them interesting and useful for the upcoming special occasion for your relationship. Try them out!

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