Married and in love with another man: 12 questions to ask yourself

You are comfortable and content with your partner, but you meet someone who is so witty and funny that you’re persuaded that he is exactly your soulmate. Well, now you are coping with trouble. Despite you know loving this new man is much like playing with the fire, you just cannot deny yourself that pleasure. You want to love that guy without feeling guilty. However, the more you indulge yourself, the more difficult it is for you to let go.

You are in a mess, lady. You do not know what you have to do to deal with this issue. In order to assist you in figuring out the next steps, here, from, we give you some essential questions to ask yourself if you are married and in love with another man. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

Just try to be honest, and also make sure that you are in a quiet and peaceful place to get the clearest answers.

In love with another man

1. Are You Going Through A Crisis?

Oftentimes, women when reaching ages that ends with 0 or 5 like 25, 30, 35…, begin to have the feelings of discontentment. They begin to think and analyze what they have gained recently, when it comes to relationships and career.

If they fee unsatisfied in relationships, they will start to think that they need to do something different or make a change to avoid become doomed. Hence, before believing that you fall head over heels in love with a new man, you should ask yourself if you are going through middle –life crisis as it may not be your true love. Do you simply need taking a break in your relationship?

2. Is There Any Pattern?

Falling in love with another man sometimes means that you feel bored with your current relationship. How are your past relationships?

Is that the initial time you fall in love with another man while still being in a stable relationship? If you notice that you have fallen in love with other men a lot of times, you should doubt if this is really love that you are feeling. Perhaps, you are only smitten, bored or need to fix yourself.

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3. What Are You Looking For In A Romantic Relationship?

There are many fish in the ocean. You were happy with the one you had and did not care about other fish out there.

However, now, suddenly, you start glancing around. You are not only looking at that special guy, but also fascinated by him. Why? You should list down the characteristics of that guy and ask yourself which ones you like in the long run. At least, if you donot leave your current relationship, it could help you improve and appreciate what you are having by showing what you really do and do not want.

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