Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 differences to watch for

How is a gentleman in your mind? Is he charming? Is he adventurous? Does he know the right thing to say and the right time to say? Well, if he has all the mentioned above characteristics, he still is not a gentleman, but actually the opposite. That sounds crazy, huh?

Well, in contrast to the popular belief and due to the image that is penetrated by the media, a real gentleman is not always suave and smooth. He does not always have the perfect face to put you at ease. Sometimes, he might weak, yet that is just because he wants to be real and honest with his feelings and shortcomings. On the other hand, a player is the one who knows how to copy the attractive characters that you see on TV.

So, what are the differences between a gentleman and a player? Is he a player or a gentleman?

You might be confused now after reading the lines above, right? Don’t worry, here we from WikiYeah gather some differences between a gentleman and a player! Some information in this entry is referred from Allwomenstalk and Yourtango.

Is He A Player Or A Gentleman? – A Gentleman Vs. A Player

Is he a player

1. A Gentleman Holds The Door For You

It might sound simple, yet it is true. A gentleman has his manners, and will not forget to use the right manners in the proper times. When a beautiful young woman like you is walking through the door, he will quickly get the door for you.

2. A Gentleman Does Not Talk Down To You

To find the answer for your question, “Is he a player or a gentleman?” you should look into his behaviors in daily life. A gentleman will not call you a bitch or other derogatory terms. A gentleman will see you with an equal role and treat you with full respect, even when you are discussing or arguing with him.

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3. A Gentleman Makes You Feel Relaxed And Comfortable

Is he a player? Well, ask yourself if he is making you feel comfortable when being around. A gentleman will not make comments that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure, or talk about something that he thinks will make you feel embarrassed. In case he has something to criticize you, then he will find a proper way to give a constructive criticism. On the other hand, a player will likely poke fun at your insecurities.

4. A Player Can Call You The Wrong Name Accidentally

There is one basic difference between a gentleman and a player. If your name is Christina, and he accidentally calls you Marry, then chances are, there is a girl whose name is Marry occupying his own attention. Don’t take this problem lightly!

5. A Player Might Be Obnoxious

When it comes to differences between a gentleman and a player, this is a subtle difference that many of us often overlook. Being obnoxious and being a player usually go hand and hand. Hence, if your guy is bringing lots of attention to himself or becoming overly loud, then he may actually be trying to catch the attention of many other girls. [MORE: warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

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