Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 differences to watch for

6. A Player Flirts And Denies

Is he a player or a gentleman? If you are dating a man and you realize that he is too friendly with another girl, you might feel the urge to question him. Nevertheless, a player will often brush it off and make things look like you are just paranoid.

7. A Gentleman Pays For Your Food You Without Asking For Something Else

Paying for your food is another sign of a gentleman and his interest in you. Most men work hard for earning their money, and they do not want to spend all of his hard-earn money on anyone.

On the other hand, a player might make you feel like you are owing him a hug or kiss for that food or drink, yet a gentleman will show their gallant character enough to purchase you a dish or drink without putting pressure on you to do something for him.

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8. A Player Might Stare At Your Body Improperly

If you have an attractive and sexy body, and the man you are dating acknowledges this, then you can base on this factor to answer “Is he a player?”. One of fundamental differences between a gentleman and a player is shown through the way he shows his appreciation.
Oftentimes, the player will stare at a hot body of a girl, including yours whereas a gentleman will usually politely ask if you need to adjust your dress, in case it awkwardly becomes revealing. Also, a gentleman may do his best not to look at you in the manner that may make you embarrassed and uncomfortable.

9. A Player Might Not Call You Back After A Date

In a relationship with a player, there might be lack of communication following a hookup. Maybe, there is just one thing he wants from you. You may really like him and want to keep things going, yet he might have gotten what he always wanted and has already decided to move on to the next object. [MORE: what men look for in women]

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