Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 differences to watch for

10. A Gentle Man Lets You Enjoy An Actual Date

For a player, if he wants to meet you, he might just proposition you with a text at late night with the reason like “hanging out at his pad”, yet for a gentleman, he will try to plan an actual date at proper time.

11. A Gentleman Buys You Small Gifts

It is not about the cost of the gift, yet about the meaning of the gift. The fact that he was thoughtful enough to present you something you like. It could be anything from a piece of chocolate, flowers or even medicine as you feel sick.

On the other hand, a player might not get you anything, if he is not sure that he can get something from you in return. One more reason about why a player will likely not purchase gifts is to help prevent his other prospects from discovering that he is wooing you.

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12. A Gentleman Spends Time To Truly Listen To You

If you have any problems that need to be shared, then a gentleman will spend his precious time on listening to you problem as he cares about what happens in your life. In contrast, a player whose single interest is what he could receive from you, might sometimes try to fake his care for you. Yet, in reality, just a gentleman could actively bring up your past conversation without you having to announce him again.

13. A Player Tries To Not Emotionally Attached To You

If you want to find the answer for “Is he a player or a gentleman?”, you should pay attention to his emotions when being with you. A player will want to keep everything light, not get into deeply. He will see you as one of many women out there whom he is rather interested in, and does not want to be attached to you.

Once he does, it can mean that he loses his own chances with other women. Players tend to have more experiences with various women, as opposed to good experiences with the only woman. So he might not spend too much time on hanging out with you or communicating too deeply with you.

Despite a man who is a player might be appealing at the initial period of a relationship, due to his intrigue, his charm, he is only in it for a certain amount of time or for the good times. Once you need something from him, he will suddenly disappear and be with someone who is not hoping as much as you.

On the other hand, a gentleman is not just in the relationship during good times, he wants something more than now-and-then hookup and will care about you, both in difficult and good times.
A gentleman, on the other hand, isn’t just in it to get laid or to have a good time. He wants something more than the occasional hookup, and he will care enough about you to treat you like a lady, and not just an option for the night.

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