Is my husband having an affair? 9 signs he’s sleeping with someone

This world is not an ideal world. What you think it is good may not be as good as your expectation. The same goes for relationships and people involved. Similar to many other women, you also worry about infidelity, yet unless your husband stumbles in late at night and is surrounded by cheap perfume, it could be hard to tell whether your man is having an affair or not. Despite the signs are not obvious, if you are still willing to look, then they are almost always there for you to check. This article is made for those women who wonder “Is my husband having an affair?” The signs to tell if he is cheating on you here, collected by, will help you discern whether you are just getting jealous or he is really up to no good.

Is My Husband Having An Affair? 9 Ways To Tell If He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Is my husband having an affair

1. His Phone Is Face Down

One of the subtle signs that answer your question “Is my husband having an affair?” is looking at his phone. If when he has his phone out, he leaves it on the counter, the table, the couch, wherever it might be, and its face is always down, then there is something wrong. Perhaps, he is trying to hide something and the screen of his phone showing a notification of text messages from some other woman.

2. He Takes Longer To Text Or Call You Back

Interfering with his privacy is not something that you should not do, yet if he takes advantage of your trust, then he is either a terrible person or he thinks you are stupid enough to trust him blindly. When your husband takes too long to return a call or text you back, chances are he is cheating on you. In the early stages of a relationship, you get to know how quick he is at replying to your messages and how long it takes him to get back to you on your phone call. If it is changed and he takes hours to text you back, doubt should arise. To be honest, it does not take too much time to return a call or text a message even when he is busy. If it is repeated over again, it is a sign of having an affair.

Another subtle sign is adding screen lock to his phone. That is because he wants to hide something from you; that “something” could be “someone” that he is fooling around with behind your own back.

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3. He Comes Home Late From The Workplace

For your question: “Is my husband having an affair?”, his time coming home can tell you a lot. This might sound like a typical and dramatic sign yet people just make excuses like “I am very busy and may have to spend all night” when they want to hide something illegitimate. Also, it is among one of the old excuses. However, it is also among the signs that your husband is having an affair, particularly if it begins happening frequently.

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4. He Changes His Grooming

If your husband begins transforming into a totally different guy, it might be more than a so-called mid-life crisis. The man drastically altering his grooming style or body shape for no apparent reason might be cheating on you. Maybe, the other woman has suggested he do it. If he dresses differently to go to the workplace, then it might be a colleague he is trying to impress. If your husband suddenly becomes a gym rate, he might be trying to keep up physically with a woman who can be younger than you.

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5. His Attitude Towards You Changes Dramatically

Changes in the mood could show more than simple stress times at workplace. Men who cheat on you or lie to you usually get irritable or fidgety when they have to be in two places at a time. If his mistress demands more time from him, he might start arguments with you in order to rendezvous with her. If he not only picks fights, but also criticizes you for the things that had not bothered him before, such as your eating habits, your appearance, or intelligence, it may not about the way you dress or chew but about another woman. Cheating often creates a lot of tension and turmoil. To cheat on someone, the person has to be focused on what he does not like about that “someone”. By making clear and loud, he will feel more justified in his cheating and less guilty, according to Jennifer Oikle, psychologist, dating coach, PhD.

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6. He Shows Guilty Behaviors

Guilt-ridden behaviors are one the tell-tale ways to answer for your question “Is my husband having an affair?” He is probably hiding something. He might shower your with attention and affection that are not really necessarily from an uncharacteristically sweet husband. When a guy feels guilty, he might become strangely affectionate or attentive as a method to mask his cheating action. In addition, some men might avoid their spouse when they have to hide something, no longer making efforts to communicate or eye contact.

7. He Takes A Shower Right After Coming Home

One of the most common signs he is sleeping with someone else is instant having a shower. This sudden habit might be due to the other woman he is spending time with. The signal might not be too common yet if you notice your husband becoming a shower-freak, chances are they want to get rid of someone’s smell that he slept with or anything else that will him make caught, such as a kiss-mark.

Or, it could be running into the bathroom for many reasons. If you want know if this habit is not because he is sleeping with someone else, or just because he prefers to shower first, test him by either kissing or hugging. If he resists or hesitates and tells you that he will be out from the shower in just a few minutes and catches you later. Those frequent excuses for denying doing something before having a shower could be a sign he is sleeping with someone else.

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8. He Is Not As Exciting In Bed As He Used To Be

Obviously, you know the desires and urges your husband has about physical intimacy and you are the only woman who satisfies his demands, yet if, lately, he has not been showing any demand for having an intercourse with you, there is something wrong. Despite it is not definitely sure that he is sleeping with someone else when his intercourse routines change, if the change is sudden and comes as a shock without a reasonable explanation for it, he might be sleeping with someone else.

If his behaviors are really different and he suddenly has no interest in you in the bedroom, you should look for more sure-fire signs he is having an affair.

9. He Gives You Presents Without Any Special Occasion

This is another sign showing his feeling of guilt. It could be hard for you to tell if he is getting you presents out of love or if he wants to cover his guilt. Even when he is sleeping with someone else, he may feel guilt and try to cover it with additional presents out of special occasion. Your task now is deciding if he is beginning generous or if his behavior has changed in a few recent weeks.
He is doing so by making you believe that it was just your misunderstanding. You had better assess some recent events, the changes in his habits and tone before making any decision about your relationship. If you are not sure, then simply confront him in a polite way.