6 kinds of men who have given women trust issues

Everyone appearing in our lives leave some marks on us as well as our lives, some leave hurtful scars. We do small things that may not mean to us so much but can impact other people greatly. This is true for everyone. It is not only about them, we also get affected too and may not even realize it until it hits us fiercely. Humans are made to trust and depend on other people, particularly emotionally. Somewhere, something goes wrong that we begin changing our view towards people and life. Something within us breaks that becomes the handicap of us for life, a hidden handicap.

The most common and also biggest handicap that most of us face is trust. Trust issues involve with being deceived, betrayed, made for felling non-existent, or taken for granted. This seems to be more common in men than in women, so here we from Wikiyeah.com give you 6 kinds of men who have given women trust issues.

Kinds Of Guys Who Have Given Women “Trust Issues” – 6 Cases

Kinds of men who have given women trust issues

1. The Man Who Promises More Than He Could Deliver

It is important not to give anyone wrong hope. Being unable to keep promises makes a big difference to someone. When falling short of doing what you promise constantly, you will feel as if you are just the only non-constant thing in the life of someone and you could just fight for so long to keep a non-constant person in the heart, even when you decide to compromise and let him be an important part in your life.

A person who may break promises or not keep them could also leave you and move on suddenly.

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2. The Man Who Just Texts You At Night

Among kinds of men who have given women trust issues, this type is not easy to realize. Seriously, many women get the hint what a man is really looking for when trying and making them a part of his nights and remain lost during other days. Women get the idea that they are the alternative for a certain lonely night of that man and that is precisely what women do not trust men.

3. The Man Who Disappears Like Never Being Existed

This sounds weird, why would a person hang out with you, chat with you 24/7 and suddenly stop and disappear in one day? Those men start saying that they have gone busy and will surely reconnect when things are done.

4. The One Talking To Every Girl Like He Talks To You, But Asserts You Otherwise

The next when it comes to kinds of men who have given women trust issues is this. He would call you his life source and tell you how unique and special you are for him. He would say that your own happiness is the single thing mattering to him. He would try to keep a check if you are happy and rightly taking care of yourself. You find those behaviors are sweet, and you think that he is the right guy for you, but then you discover that it is exactly what and how he talks to other girls and they are all just friends, JUST LIKE YOU!

Such men leave your mind messed up that you get trapped in hopping that you are special and to forget him because you know there is something wrong.

5. The Man Who Is Always At Your Space But Does Not Want You To Get Theirs

The sinking feeling happens when you have gotten attached to a man when you keep inviting them over to your place but the opposite does not happen. This rings the alarms in your head. What is he trying to hide? Have I jumped into this too soon? Am I only one of hookups among others in his life and there is nothing else?

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6. The Man Who Keeps Hiding His Phone

I do not mean that you have to snoop into your man’s phone like a mad obsessed girl but the behavior of a man trying to hide his phone shows a lot of even if you pretend to not get attention.

Sometimes, actions can speak aloud louder than simple words. Being a little confused or trying to keep his phone away from your reach, switching browser windows to hide the inbox are all alarming signs he is lying to you and are early predictions of the issues about to hit.

In reality, trust does not happen just overnight and it surely does not maintain itself on its own. It takes true attempts and a huge amount of communication to keep it like that.

Guys, if you are among these 6 kinds of men who have given women trust issues, maybe now you have known what you need to do to fix it, right? Are there any ladies who have been through the similar experiences like mentioned above in relationships? How they were? Share your thoughts below!