9 Killer kissing tips for guys – How to be a perfect kisser!

It is almost impossible to establish a relationship without proper kissing techniques and skills – all men know it. No matter the experience with kissing, you may either a good or a bad kisser, while the latter will not contribute to your relationship. So dive into the world of kissing art and enjoy a number of do’s and don’ts, and learn some secret kissing tips for guys that we have prepared for you to become a kissing expert! Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

What Girls Like About Kissing – 9 Do’s And Don’ts About Kissing Tips For Guys

Kissing tips for guys

Kissing is an intimate act expressing your feelings to your mate, so pay the tribute to this moment and give you both the most of a kiss. Love experts from marriageagency-nataly.net shared some secrets of perfect kissing that will win an extra score for any guy, and will make you the kissing guru.

If you want to make the kiss, and the overall kissing process, memorable and pleasurable for your woman, read on the following tips:

1. Keep Oral Hygiene And Fresh Breath

If you want the kiss to be repeated, and want to make a good impression on your mate, please take care of the physical appeal. Brush your teeth thoroughly and avoid eating smelly foods like garlic or onions during the date, to avoid confusion when the precious kissing moment comes.

2. Don’t Ask For Permission

You will spoil the great romantic momentum! Obviously, we do not mean that you should kiss women against their will, but asking about this may lose the charm and fleur of romance established between you and her.

3. Make The Kiss Your Private Adventure

Counter to the common opinion of a beloved couple that their love should be interesting to everyone, and all people in the world will become happier if they share it – no. Normal people do not like watching others kiss, so try to make this kiss private so that both of you enjoyed it.

4. Go Shower

You should never have a date without getting showered shortly before. If you showered in the early morning before going out and your date is at 8 pm, then you need to get showered again. A woman will not enjoy getting close to a guy who smells bad.

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5. Do Not Start A Kiss With An Open Mouth

That looks really strange and spoils the initial impression. There will be a lot of time to open your mouth after your kiss has started.

If the kiss is mutual and you see that your mate likes it, you have a plenty of time to open your mouth and make the kiss more intimate. It is not a good idea to sweep in on a woman like a blow fish. The first kiss with a closed mouth will make a good impression on your woman as a sign of your maturity in romantic relationships and your respect towards her.

6. Keep The Eyes Closed

Kissing with the eyes open is very weird. It will distract from the romantic emotions of the moment. Normally, if she notices that you kiss while still opening your eyes, she might think that you are not enjoying it. Closed eyes while kissing is also a sign of a passionate kiss.

7. Get Closer To Your Girl When Starting The Kiss

There is hardly any pleasure or romantic effect from the kiss from afar. If you stand with your thighs at a considerable distance from each other, only your lips kiss. Getting closer is appropriate even during the first kiss, as it will add the proper mood and tone to this emotional moment.

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8. Learn To Use Your Tongue Properly

Don’t push too hard. When it comes to kissing tips for guys, this is another obvious advice yet it is often not followed. Just because of kissing is passionate does not mean that it should be forceful overly. However, this also does not mean that you always need to be soft whilst kissing. Let your passion guide you but still being attentive to the level of comfort of your woman.

Skilled kissers know that showing your tongue far into the girl’s mouth is a very disputable pleasure. So be gentle and listen to the body language of your girl; she will show the extent to which the use of tongue is pleasing and acceptable for her.

9. Use Your Hands Wisely

Some men do not know what to do with their hands while kissing. That is rather common, especially for beginners. The passion of a kiss will take a step up if you make use of your hands.

A kiss becomes more than a simple kiss as soon as you know how to enhance this expression of emotion with your hands. This does not mean that you need to be sleazy. Don’t be bumptious, and don’t keep your partner’s head with your hands during the kiss; even if this is your permanent girl, keep in mind that not all girls like vulgar manners. During the first kiss, it is much more appropriate to touch the girl’s neck or face with a tender move – that will be enough for an unbelievable, memorable kiss.

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Do not underestimate the value of kissing as an element of establishing a relationship and making an initial impression on your mate. A breathtaking kiss can pave the way to a great, rewarding relationship, while spoiling the kiss can end in a lonely night at home! Remember that the majority of women use a kiss as a strong evaluation criterion when selecting a man and deciding whether to progress in a relationship with him, so well-honed kissing techniques skills are always a huge advantage.