Latest Diet Plans Everyone is Gossiping About

What is Fad Diet?

There are many of us that find battling the bulge to be a full time job. Is there any one diet that actually works better than another? What are the things to look for when researching diets? Are any of the “fad” diets actually worth is? What are the latest diet plans everyone is gossiping about?

Latest Diet Plans Everyone is Gossiping About
Latest Diet Plans Everyone is Gossiping About

Types of Fad Diets

There are classic fad diets that everyone knows about. The only eating cottage cheese diet works if you want to starve yourself and eat the lumpy goo that no one eats willingly, if not watching their figure. The no eating diet, which leads you to overeat and actually gain weight. Of course there is only eating fruits and vegetables, which causes loss of muscle, eventually giving rise to muscle pain. We have grown from these days. We’ve gotten smarter and debunked them all.

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High Protein Diet

The latest course of action seems to be high protein diets. Cutting out carbohydrates and eating all your days’ worth of calories in meats and vegetables seems to keep you full longer. Staying full is a dieter’s best friend. The weight seems to fall off, and you get to eat steaks and hot dogs (just not the buns!) There have been quite a few people who have found success with high protein diets like Atkins. Unfortunately, there has been research that shows these diets raise your risk of heart attack and stroke, especially in middle-aged women. Studies show these diets are as bad for you as smoking. Dieting is to improve your health, not destroy it. There was recent research done that showed the effect of high protein diet vs. high carbohydrates done on twins. The one who ate carbohydrates and sugars actually looked more tone and in better health than the one who ate high protein diet. It may actually be harming your muscles rather than building them.

The Paleolithic Diet

One of the latest diet plans everyone is gossiping about is The Paleolithic diet, or Paleo for short. The premise behind this diet is to eat like the cavemen did. Proteins, vegetables, and fruits. No dairy of any kind or grains. The cavemen were not farmers, rather hunters and gathers. If you do correctly, there is success that comes along with it. Yet, any diet that includes meats that are high in saturated fats is bad for your hearts and also for oily skin. Maybe there was a reason they only lived to be in their 30’s (besides modern medicine).

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Know about Detox

Along with diets there are plenty of detox plans that go along with it. When starting Atkins for instance there is a two week start up. One of the most interesting ones is the cabbage soup detox. The idea is to make a cabbage soup that you can eat anytime you want for seven days. There is a day with just eating fruits, one with only vegetables, and one where you have to eat bananas all day. There are reasons behind each of the days, like breaking your sugar habit or your addiction to carbohydrates. The detox claims you can lose 15 pounds in just the short weeks’ time. There’s no telling if the weight is all water weight, but if it makes you excited to start a diet than it worked. If you do the detox and then go right back to eating real food you gain it right back.


There are plenty of fad diets to choose from. Just because everyone is talking about them doesn’t mean they are healthy, or actually work. Do your research. If there are major health concerns, make the smart decision. It’s never what anyone wants to hear, but eating right and exercising is the healthiest (and safest) way to make it to your goal weight.