26 lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep & health

Lavender has one of the most distinct and sensual scents in the world. It is a herb which is native to northern Africa and the Mediterranean. In fact, lavender is highly versatile and is often used for the production of essential oil by distilling its flower spikes. From cooking, to easing tensions, to soothing skin irritations and acne, essential Lavender oil is the first essential oil that should be stocked in every household. Following is the list of some typical lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep and health made by Wikiyeah.com to know how to use lavender oil effectively.

26 Lavender Oil Uses – Improve Health, Skin, Hair And Sleep Naturally

Lavender Oil Uses

1. Skin Irritations

In the lists of lavender oil uses, skin irritation relief gets the top position. It is said that therapeutic-grade lavender oil has been excellent in soothing and healing small skin irritations. If your skin is not broken, you can make use of this essential oil to get healing and soothing comfort for skin irritations.

2. Treat Ringworm

Lavender oil is well-known in curing ringworm. Rub a few drops of lavender oil on the infected area for several days. That way, the ringworm will entirely be gone. It is considered as a great natural treatment for ringworm infection without side effects of artificial chemicals, especially for young skin of babies.

3. Cure Acne

Looking for natural ways on how to get rid of acne fast? Use lavender oil. As acne is usually caused by skin oils as well as bacteria, thus the antiseptic properties of the lavender could be so effective in curing acne. Nevertheless, you should test this oil in the small areas of your skin and some skin types to test it because it could be a little irritating for those sensitive skin types.

4. Massage And Relieve Tension

When it comes to lavender oil uses, massage is a common use that most people know. Lavender oil could be used to relieve tension in bruised and sore muscles. Also, it could be used to get relief as well as relaxation for a muscle massage.

Another way to use lavender oil for relieving aching muscles is to jump into a lavender bath to sooth pains and aches away. You can apply Epsom salts and several drops of lavender oil to your bath and soak away your tension.

5. Calm Acute Anxiety

Stress and anxiety might come from those unresolved fears or familiar contexts (triggers) that lead to a learned anxiety response. Over the time, a person could learn to re-program their anxiety response if triggered by anxiety. Though this is not recommended for some main anxiety disorders which required a medical professional, panic attacks and acute anxiety could finally be re-programmed. By making use of Lavender oil, you can accelerate the anxiety relief process, thereby calming memories and taking control of the situation. [Read: how to overcome depression and anxiety]

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