26 lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep & health

11. Moisturize Chapped Lips And Chapped hands

The next lavender oil uses? Just pure therapeutic-grade lavender should be considered safe for ingesting or use on different skin areas. Make sure that your bottle of lavender oil is not labeled “for external use only” because it is not pure therapeutic-grade and is really not worth the money spent on it. You can apply lavender oil on your chapped lips in the winter season to reduce burning, dry, and chapped lips and promote moisturizing and healing effects. The same use goes for chapped hands.

12. Relieve Sunburn

Lavender drops could be diluted in the water to spray over sunburn and to enhance relief in just a few days. Use lavender instead of aloe-vera gel and diluted apple cider vinegar to take away the sting and heat of sun-burn. [Read: benefits of apple cider vinegar]

13. Settle Throat And Muscle Spasms

If you are suffering from IBS or esophageal spasms, then you can take several drops of lavender oil on your tongue to see if it offers similar muscle relaxation effects on the involuntary, smooth muscles of your digestive system. This essential oil is good at greatly decreasing the spasms and bringing natural relaxation as well as relief to the constricting muscles in your throat. However, the oil must be therapeutic grade which is pure enough for digesting.

14. Relieve Headache

The distilled water of lavender oil is refreshing and soothing as well. Alternatively, you should make a compress of a piece of cause or muslin soaked in the icy cold water before being sprinkled with several drops of lavender oil. Then, apply it to your forehead or massage some drops of lavender oil into your forehead, temples and also nape of your neck. [Read: how to relieve headache naturally]

15. Calmness Before An Exam, An Interview Or A Presentation

This is rather a strange one in this list of lavender oil uses. Yet, it works for many people. So, you should try out this method to calm your mind before an important exam. Inhale some lavender oil and even apply a drop of lavender oil under your nasal passages to get calmness and balance your emotions and mind before a presentation or a big job interview.

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