26 lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep & health

16. Reduce Scar Tissue

If you want to know how to treat acne scars naturally, then opt for lavender oil. Make sure that you consistently apply lavender oil to the areas of your skin which are wounded and starting to heal in order to reduce scarring and increase healing, whilst also experience the antiseptic properties of that essential oil.

17. Motion Sickness

You might experience with difference locations of application, yet lavender oil could be used to lessen the symptoms of motion sickness. Though it cannot prevent motion sickness on a long cruise or where a strong medicine might be needed, it could be effective in relieving the symptoms of the onset of that motion sickness.

18. Ear Aches

For those who are suffering from ear aches, then using lavender oil can help you soothe the ache well. Use the warm compress and add several drops of lavender to that wet compress before massaging the skin areas around and behind your ears plus with the sides of the neck under jaw-line. This could assist you in reducing and relieving inflammation around Eustachian tubes which drains your ears to your throat.

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19. Menstrual Calm Relief

Getting very warm compresses and applying Lavender oils around your abdomen while inhaling diffuse vapors can help you relax and calm the muscles, mind as well as body for less cramping. [Read: foods to eat while on period]

20. Hair Loss And Regrow Hair

Alopecia is considered as an auto-immune dysfunction where hair falls out, usually in patches or clumps. To reduce the development of alopecia and hair loss, you can massage lavender oil onto your scalp. This is one of the most natural ways on how to increase hair growth and thickness that you should not overlook.

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