26 lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep & health

21. Decrease Agitation In Dementia Sufferers

Many studies have reported that lavender oil use can reduce agitation for those aging sufferers who experience irritability and agitation because of dementia.

22. Moths, Midges And Mosquitoes

These annoying small insects hate the smell of lavender, so why don’t you use it for prevent bites? Splash yourself with lavender hydrosol before going out at sunset or to bed, or you can put several drops of lavender oil onto the pillow. Another way is to soak a cotton wool ball within the lavender oil and leave it on the saucer in front of the window. This is a terrific remedy for soothing inflammation and itching, and for insect bites. In order to keep moths off your clothes, you can hand the lavender bags on the coat hanger o keep the bags among sweaters. Remember to refresh them with several drops of this essential oil from time to time.

23. Improve Focus

Due to its ability to stabilize mood, reduce stress and anxieties, and also calm the nervous system, as mentioned earlier in this list of lavender oil uses, you can use this essential oil to improve the ability to focus and decrease those distract thoughts.

24. Deodorants

Lavender oil which is pure could be used as the body deodorant as it can kill bacteria which cause body odors. Also, lavender oil could be used with many other applications as the natural body deodorants. Aside from its ability to kill odor-causing bacteria, this oil could add a clean, delightful light, fragrance floral aroma.

25. Treat Sinusitis

Lavender oil is considered as one of a few essential oils which aromatherapists recommend for inhalations in order to reduce sinusitis. You can add just 2 drops of this oil and thyme oil to the bowl of near-steaming water before inhaling deeply and slowly, with the towel over the head and bowl.

26. Fevers

The last tip of lavender oil uses is relieving fevers in kids and adults. If your babies have fevers, then you can sponge them down gently with lukewarm water to which you added several drops of lavender oil. However, you should pay attention to the babies and do not let them get chilled. Even, this method can work for adults well.

These are 26 most effective lavender oil uses and benefits for skin, hair, sleep and health. To put in simple words, pure lavender oil is really a must-have essential oil for every household. Thus, get yourself a bottle of lavender oil and starting taking its advantage from now!

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