10 small white lies you should lie about on a first date

5. Your Strange Collectables

If you have a closet that is full of the porcelain dolls, then you should not tell it to your date on a first date. Keep that to yourself until you two know well about each other. If you collect a certain thing from your enemies, do not tell your date about it. Some collectables are fine, while others could trigger some strange thought about you.

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6. How Attracted To Your Date You Were At The First Sight

When it comes to white lies you should lie about on a first date, the phrase like “It was love at first sight!” is the exact one. Obviously, you were strongly attracted to your date, because you wound up on the first date, yet never let them know how attracted to them you really are. Even when you swear the world seemed to stop spinning, or your heart stopped beating, telling them such thing will not be flattering. That makes you a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend.

It causes creepy feeling. Just some flattery is fine, too much could result in someone being less seduced by you. It provokes you to think that you like them more than they really like you and it is not necessary for them to try hard to attract you. Then after all, you may end up with a one-sided relationship.

7. Yourself In The Next 5 Years 

Something like “with a small house, a loyal spouse and a baby, living happily together forever” should not be the thing to tell in a first date. Don’t tell your date that. It is among white lies you should lie about on a first date because it just make them feel pressured to meet your demands and might ultimately make the decision that you want more than they could give. What you should do is to tell them that you want a simple house and a good job that you love. These are easy and realistic hopes that you could live with. Also, it will put them at ease.

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