10 small white lies you should lie about on a first date

8. The Closeness Between You And Your Parents

Though this sounds strange but it is one of things you should not tell on a first date. Whether you are really close to your parents, or not at all, you should just tell your date that you keep in touch. If they know you are extremely close with your parents, then it can mean you are too needy.

Besides, if you say you are not close with your parents at all, they may think you are not a family-oriented type. Both of these things are not good and can potentially lower your chance of having a second date.

9. If You Can Do Your Own Laundry Or Not

To be honest, if you say that you do not know how to do your own laundry, your date will see you as an irresponsible person whom they have to take care of continuously. It is because carrying out your own chores is called being responsible. Of course, no one will like that fact.

10. Whether Or Not You Live With Your Parents

If you are now living with your parents, you should still lie about it, at least on the first date. It will not matter what your reasons are for living at home. If your date hears it, they might instantly figure out you being 40 years old and still living in your parent’s basement.

No one wants to live with someone who does not have the motivation to live on their own. Just tell your date that you have a place. You could explain later on after that they have gotten to know better about you.

Well, sometimes, you do not have any other choice but telling a little on the first date. There is nothing wrong with evading the judgemental stare of someone till they get to know you better. That will help you create a good impression on the first date.

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