8 tips on long distance relationship advice for men and women

Anyone, both men and women, living apart from their lover is constantly trying to figure out how to make a long distance relationship work. Here is useful long distance relationship advice for men and women gathered in one handy place for you. Take a look from WikiYeah!

Long distance relationship advice for men and women
Long distance relationship advice for men and women

1. Build Ground Rules From The Beginning

Whether the communication is by phone, email, or, better yet, Skype, you and your mate must openly communicate about and mutually agree upon the ground rules and terms of your relationship.  Openly discuss subjects likewhether to remain monogamous or not when apart, how often to communicate and visit, Do not assume anything, and leave nothing up in the air. When there are no misunderstandings and bad feelings, both partners are on the same page, which is the formula for a strong bond.

2. Be Honest

This is so critical, but it does not mean you have to disclose the superficial things. You must be ready and willing to discuss comfortably those sensitive topics, too, such as your physical intimacy life. If the relationship is really serious, then taking honestly and openly about the physical intimacy demands is one of the greatest keys to get success. You had better communicate openly with your lover in order to find out if he or she is truly committed to you physically and personally. In fact, it is not easy to broach, yet it could be so revealing in terms of how much both your partner and you are willing to disclose for the sake of your own love.

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3. Partake In An Even-Trip Exchange

With long-distance relationship, you and your lover will be visiting each other. It is necessary to make this regularly to avoid disgruntled the partner. This way no one feels as though they are doing all the travelling, therefore making the best effort in the relationship.

4. Keep Patience

Many couples make mistake when it comes to exercising their patience in a long distance relationship. If your career does not keep your busy enough, then get yourself involved in several volunteer work or do anything to avoid weighing down your long-distance conversations with unrealistic or whining needs, solely as you are bored or missing the partner.

5. Do Not Take Things (Too) Personally

When it comes to long distance relationship advice, you should remember that things will go their ways, so be prepared. Because you and your lover live separately, odds are you will maintain and live your own life in your own city. It will assist your relationship if you remain understanding as well as flexible.

Changes always happen and family emergencies emerge as a common, normal part of the life. If your lover cancels a trip, then you should not take this personally and make it a big deal over the change unless it becomes a frequent pattern of behavior. Keep in mind that you accepted the relationship as it is and have to modify to last minutes cancellations as part of that deal.

6. Give Encouragement

Encouragement is very important in relationships, especially with long distance relationship. Just make encouragement a habit by always asking your partner how things are going with his or her work, family, or school. Then, proceed to encourage your partner in these areas and talking to him or her that you appreciate him / her. Encouragement, assistance, and praise work well over email or text messages, too. It is a great idea to “smile over the phone” as much as you could. A good feeling and mood from you on days as your lover might be feeling especially needy could make both two of you feel happier and better.

7. Avoid Excessive Communicating

Communicating is important, but too excessive is not. While speaking to your lover daily might feel like the greatest way to stay close, some individuals might feel it is rather boring if chatting or speaking to each other all day long. Thus, just schedule an hour of phone call per week, or longer if two of you nat. By this way, you will have more exciting updates to share and also be more enthusiastic and excited to talk to each other as you have been projecting that phone date all week. Less-frequent communication will not only keep you and your partner from growing dependent on each other, but it also supplies you both with the necessary freedom to have your own lives and hobbies as well.

8. Keep It Spicy

The last tip on long distance relationship advice for both men and women is that as time together is rare, so when you see each other, make use of that time and take as much advantage as possible to get intimate with each other.

Make sure that your roommates or friends know your lover is going to be in town. During those stretches when you could not be with each other physically, just use it as a chance to write a few old-fashioned love letter. This seems so strange, especially in recent days, when the technology is so developed.

However, if you can do so, the results will make both two of you amazed. Another idea: use technology to go on “dates” together. For instance, watch the same movie concurrently and discuss on the phone after.  Or make dinner and then eat together via Skype. There is no reason to miss out on some of the better parts of dating entirely just as you are not physically together.