Loving someone you can’t have: 12 ways to handle the pain

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. Despite many of you think that love hurts so much, partner does not understand your feelings, they are not trustworthy, or just you love them but they don’t. It is impossible to control your heart to give itself up to someone. Whether the man or woman you secretly love is your close friend who is currently in love with someone else, your best friend’s fiancée, your colleague’s crush, there is way to escape the pain of being with them and knowing that you could never have them. When they around, you have to try to conceal your feelings and emotions, hoping that the way you see or stare them will not give away your real feelings for them.

There are times when you ask yourself why you have to hurt yourself by this type of love and how to handle the pain of loving someone you can’t have.

Perhaps, you have decided that it is better to be with someone you love, even when you could never have them, than not have them in life any way. There are not many things you could do, except deal with the pain going with it. Loving someone you can’t have is not easy to deal with, but fortunately, here we from WikiYeah gather some effective ways to deal with the pain caused by that one-sided love.

Loving Someone You Can’t Have – 12 Ways To Deal With The Pain

Loving someone you can’t have

1. Enjoy Time Of Being Together Without Asking For Anything More

Control your mind to just focus on the good time being with your crush and forget the rest. You should not demand anything more than what you received, as it is likely that your crush will say no. Acknowledge your pain but concentrate on the good times.

2. Avoid Asking Questions That Will Hurt You

Asking questions which are around the lines of “Did you ever love me?” or “What do you think about me?” will only hurt you, or lead to tension in the relationship between you and that person. Hence, you had better avoid the pain by asking such questions.

3. Find Some Hobbies To Focus On

If you spend too much attention and time on analyzing your feelings, you just worsen your pain. Instead, you should find a new hobby. Get out of the bed and go to somewhere you could to get your hands moving. This will not only help you ease your pain temporarily, but also make you more dynamic and creative. Creativity is a good thing, always.
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