Loving someone you can’t have: 12 ways to handle the pain

10. Date Others

Loving someone you can’t have is something very hard to deal with. But, you can still steadily handle it by dating other people. Why not? Trust me, if they really like you, they will be sincerely happy for you.

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11. Hide Them From Your New Feeds

Letting their romantic statuses popping up your new feeds on Facebook page is not a good way to deal with the loving someone you can’t have. Those photos can make your heart bleed. So, once and for all, you should hide them from your timeline. Despite they are like an addiction, you should still cut them out of your own life, by all means.

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12. Tell Them About Your Feeling Without Expectation For Anything

It will help you relive all your self-inflicted tension built up for a long time. Inform them that you like them, yet you also you can’t have them. It will liberate you as long as you make sure that you are not doing so to get love and sympathy. However, if confessing your love for them put you and that person in danger, it is not worth your risk. Just deal with it on your own.

It is really painful when loving someone you can’t have, yet do not let it take over your whole life. Take care of your heart by following the tips and tricks above as it is the only thing that just you can protect.

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