Make him chase you: 10 tips that work every time

Are you tired of chasing your crush? If yes, then it is time for you to turn the table – make him chase you. This article on WikiYeah will give you 10 guaranteed tips on how to get a man to chase you. These tips are assured that work every time. Read on!

How To Make Him Chase You Without Playing Games – 10 Guaranteed Tips

Make him chase you

1. Stop Chasing

Of course, the first and foremost tip to make him chase you is to stop chasing him. This tactic could be used at any point or stage of a romantic relationship. There might be a bit of standstill prior to the tide turns yet if he cares about you, then it will definitely turn.

2. Pull Back

While taking the first step mentioned above, you should also carry out the second one – giving him space and distance to work with. If you used to chase him, and now you stop doing so, then there will be a little standstill in your relationship. However, be patient. Pulling back means that you make him miss you and that you are not the one who takes control of every interaction as well as communication. It could be rather exciting to see what will happen when you pull back. You might be pleasantly surprised.

3. Flirt With Him

One of fun ways to make him chase you is to flirt with him. Flirting is a good way to catch the attention of a person and make him want to pursue you. To do it, you can use a lot of ways. You can tease him, but try to make him do the work here. The majority of men like the chase and tend to be more interested in the person involved when they are permitted to do it.


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4. Avoid Being Needy

Are you too needy? Neediness is not a good element in a relationship. The average man does not go for a woman who is needy. Making needs will not make your crush chase you. He might run away from you.

When a man knows that he could see you any time that is convenient for him, it will reduce his sense of urgency to hang out with her. If your crush thinks that your schedule is full, he will be much faster to secure a slot for him. The same also goes for texts. Are you too available for him, even with texting? Do not respond to his texts instantly as that makes him think that you have nothing to do. Men want challenge. Do not play the games, but try to play it cool. It is okay to say yes to those last-minute plans now and then but bear in mind that absence will make the desire burning.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is very important in relationships in general. It is said that confidence is the second quality which attracts men to women. Those women who are self-assured are the ones men find irresistible. It is crucial to know who you are and acknowledge your worth. Make him work for you a little bit instead of chasing him.

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