Make him chase you: 10 tips that work every time

6. Play Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is an art that you should be careful with, but once you can master it, it will help you so much in your relationship. This old trick implies that you should not be too easy to achieve. Do not answer the phone right on the first ring. Make him wait several minutes whilst you complete getting ready for the date with him. And most importantly, have your own standards and be hard to get. If you can do it, you will achieve a man of integrity.

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7. Be Busy And Mysterious

To make him chase you, be busy or at least appear that. This tip should be handled carefully. You need to have your own life and show him that you have. If you let him be your entire world, it is not good for you or him. Take a new hobby or go out with your friends and enjoy your life.

Be coy about how you spend your free time. Reveal yourself in layers. Information overload is not attractive. There is the right place and right time for sharing those intimate details of your own life, and almost for sure, it will not be on the dates from 1-6. If your partner is curious, he will pay more attention to you. If you are unpredictable, you will excite him and have him going out of his way to chase you.

8. Dress To Impress

Basically, people are attracted to those who can take care of themselves. It is a sign that you invest in yourself. Just when you can invest or take care of yourself, you can take care or invest your effort in other people, including him. You do not need to spend your paycheck on clothes or makeups, but make sure that your appearance is good in front of him. File your nails, shave your legs, etc.

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9. Take An Interest In His Interests

Men want to be around women who they could share their favorites with. For example, if every time he brings up his love for golf, you can show your excitement about it.

10. Be Patient

It is worth noting that nothing happens after one night, so be patient is important for you to make him chase you. Give him time and he will crawl after you.

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