Marriage falling apart: 15 signs and 4 ways to stop it

Falling in love is amazing in most cases. The excitement of meeting a new person brings out the best of us, the journey of love feels like full of possibility. Yet, after that, things happen: either the relationship gets staling or maybe kids, money issues, or trying to create a comfortable work-life balance takes effect. No matter the causes are, the future of your relationship becomes full of ups and downs.

When you meet a person for the first time and fall over heel for them, it is hard to envision anything coming between the two of you. At this first stage, you are seeing each other via the rose-colored glasses and nothing could slow you down. When the relationship becomes much more serious, the dreamy glasses seem to come off, revealing surprising and sometimes sudden weaknesses in your relationship. It is almost impossible this will result in a possibility of falling apart. Every relationship has its ups and downs, yet once the downs are beginning to add up, you might be falling apart. Marriage falling apart is a relationship problem that threatens most of us. This article will show you signs of marriage falling apart and how to stop it. Check it out from!

Marriage falling apart

I. Marriage Falling Apart – 15 Warning Signs

The list below will introduce to you signs of marriage falling apart, coming in various severity. The more you could identify them in your own marriage, the most serious it may be. You could use them to work things better or minimize your losses and walk away… it is up to you.

1. There Is Regular Silent Treatment

The first and foremost sign of marriage falling apart is frequent silent treatment. The serious sign implies that one or both partners will resign themselves to the idea that the marriage is going to an end, which could be a very hard mindset to fix.

2. Snappy Chats Are Common

Continual bickering could be a red flag in your relationship warning that you are beginning to drift apart despite it is very common in the first stage of living together when the two partners are trying to set their boundaries. It needs to be handled before something more serious takes effect and could not be fixed.

3. You Control Or Abuse Your Partner

Controlling partner usually take part in emotional extortion. They may say, “Agree with me, or else…” It is sometimes more productive if you agree to disagree. However, if there is an imbalance of power causing you to lose yourself, then you may be in an abusive relationship.

4. Very Few Interests Are Shared

When it comes to signs of marriage falling apart, one of the clear signs is that you two share very few passions or interests, with your free time spent mainly in the activities not including one another.

5. You Or Your Partner Define Your Marriage With Insecurity And Jealousy

Do you try to read your spouse’s messages as you are not sure what is going on behind your back? That is a warning sign. You have more respect, power, personality, and magnetism in your love than you do when you appears to be a controlling spouse.

6. Your Intimate Drives Are Out Of Sync

If you find your desire of intimate affection are not in sync, one partner waiting while the other does not, it is because you are responding to your own biological rhythms. The relationship in the bedroom of a couple is a reflection of the rest of the marriage. If you have a difficult time of making intimacy a priority in your marriage, you are in the edge of the relationship. Though it is not a positive sign, with just a little effort, you can correct it.

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