Marriage falling apart: 15 signs and 4 ways to stop it

7. Staying In Your Marriage Is Not As Significant As Previously

Are you suddenly finding that keeping your marriage is not as significant as other goals of your life? If yes, you are drifting apart. To handle this case, sit down and work out with your partner to see if there is a point to carry on.

8. You Stop Making An Attempt To Maintain A Relationship With Family Members

If either you or your spouse has stopped trying to maintain the connection with other members of your family, it is because you are subconsciously indicating that you no longer see them as a part of your future.

9. Conflict Is Trying To Happen

The majority of people believe that if you are having problems in your marriage, then you are with the wrong person. Therefore, when conflicts get gnarly and heated, they start wondering if it is time to end the relationship or not. However, if you work with the conflict the right way, there will be something wonderful waiting for you. The key here is learning how to work with the conflict in a creative way that helps the two of you grow.

10. You Or Your Spouse Have Selective Hearing

In a relationship, genuinely hearing to the ideas of someone shows that you respect them and are interested in what they say. If not, it is not hard to realize that there is something wrong in your relationship.

11. You Or Your Spouse Bring Up The Past

One of the subtle signs of marriage falling apart is bringing up the past. You are growing apart when one of you keep bringing up painful events in the past. It implies that the negatives in your marriage are being taken advantage and that one of you is questioning about the viability of the relationship.

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