Marriage falling apart: 15 signs and 4 ways to stop it

12. You Or Your Partner Are Compromising Too Much

If one of you feels like that you are over compromising to be in your marriage, you are not in a healthy relationship.

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13. You Or Your Spouse Cannot Talk About Differences Without Fighting

Well, as mentioned above in this list of signs of marriage falling apart, disagreements in a relationship is common. Different opinions are natural in every relationship. But, what is not natural is the inability to talk over such differences in a constructive way without fighting. That lack of compromise shows that your relationship is unhealthy.

14. One Of Partners Are Not Interested In Thinking About The Future

When you think about the together future, if it seems uninspiring and bleak, then it may be because you have realized the reality that you are drifting apart. You could not find anything inspiring or exciting about the future with the other person.

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15. There Is No Longer Encouragement

Another sign of marriage falling apart is that a partner who used to regularly encourage the other partner’s passions and ambitions suddenly stays quiet, leaving the other person feeling cut adrift. It implies that they do not care anymore.

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II. How To Stop Marriage Falling Apart – 4 Must-Know Tips

1. Change Your Perspective Towards Conflicts

By changing your perspective, you could view conflicts as chances, and indicator that it is time to grow, helping in easing the troubles.

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