Marriage falling apart: 15 signs and 4 ways to stop it

2. It Is You, Not Them

Most of the upset you feel in your relationship comes from your own past. Yes, it is true so you should stop blaming your partner. It is not easy to do particularly when you feel miserable and it sounds like all of the misery you are having is derived from your partner. However, remember that this feeling has more to do with your past than your partner.

3. Make Use Of Humor

Sometimes, in these days, we are too busy to enjoy our relationships. Therefore, humor and joy are very important in such cases. They are two factors crucial for the happiness of a couple. Create fun times with your partner. Take part in a new hobby that both of you love, be it dancing or cooking, or gardening.

4. Ditch The Negativity

Another tip to stop marriage falling apart is to ditch all of the negativity. Why do people so focus on the bads than the goods? Every relationship has a certain amount of negativity. Negativity includes tone of voice, words, facial expressions, or behaviors that you or your partner feels negative to you or him. If you want to develop your relationship in a positive way, get rid of the negativity.

Well, the tips above hopefully could help you become a better partner for one another and create a marriage full of love and connection.

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