19 marriage tips from a man who just got divorced

5. Do Not Try To Change Her

Among marriage tips from a man who just got divorced, this is crucial but little-known. In fact, loving someone means embracing them for the person they are, which also means loving their imperfections as well. You may not want the same to you, right? So does she. Accept her for the person she is, never be critical. If you see any change, then support it as well.

6. You Are Responsible For Your Happiness

You are the only one who chooses how you feel. No one else could do it. Not even your wife or your parents. It is not her responsibility to make you happy. So, find the good in small things, and the happier you are, the better you could do your part in your relationship.

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7. You Are Responsible For Other Feelings As Well

If you are let down by something that your girlfriend or wife does or says, again, it is not her mistake. You should find out what surfaced those feelings and the underlying problems behind them. Do not take it out her at any cost.

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8. Support Her

Another marriage tips from a man who just got divorced is to be there for here or even more when her life gets harsh. However, it does not mean that she always needs you to fix things, but more than that, it shows your care for you. She is as capable of handling with the situation as you are. You should trust her but still be the essential support for her. Keep your woman from giving up and encourage she needs. Be patient and attentive.

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