19 marriage tips from a man who just got divorced

9. Laugh

Life is what we make of it. Take it easy. In all little things, even the harshest, find a little humor. Laugh at and with each other. It will help ease even the worst of your situations. If you could make your woman laugh, she will not lose interest in you easily.

10. Get To Know How Language Of Love

As a lifetime partner of your woman, you should understand the language of love of herself without any excuses. Understand what you can do to make her feel desirable and loved. You may think that telling her that you love her daily will do the job, but it may not be fulfilling to her. So, find out what will work for her and give her that.

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11. Be Patient And Attentive

When being with her, let the rest of the world aside. Your partner deserves your whole attention. It will show your respect for her and really value the things that she shares with you.

12. There Is Lots Of Room For Pitfalls

You both will make mistakes, now and then. It is not necessary to get panicked. But do not repeat the same mistakes many times and try to learn from each of them. Keep in mind that avoidable mistakes are really a deal breaker. Hence, do not test her own patience too much.

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