19 marriage tips from a man who just got divorced

13. Let Her Have Time For Herself

If your partner is a career woman, then juggling housework would not be a piece of cake. If she is a typical housewife, then she will not get too much for herself. After having kids, alone time sounds a rare luxury for your woman. The single way to show that you appreciate and understand her dedication to keep things together is to give her the time and space she needs. Just when she is satisfied, she will be able to become the mother and wife she is willing to be. If she does not even have time for herself, she will grow resentful.

14. Be Vulnerable

You are a man but it does not mean that you are a superior. Tell and show her that. It is not necessary for you to pose to be someone you are not when being around her. Like all human being, you also have weaknesses and fears. If there is someone who should know these deep details about you, then it is exactly her.

15. Be Honest And Open

No lies, secrets or withheld truths. If possible, tell her everything. That is what a committed relationship is about. If you want her trust you, then you have to be vulnerable right in front of her. Show your woman the side that you would not rather see. That way, you will earn her trust. She would love you even more when she sees how difficult it was for you to be honest or open up, yet you still did it for her sake.

16. Together Grow

This is one of the most worth-knowing tips from a man who just got divorced you should not skip. As a couple, you two should set common, achievable targets and goals. Obviously, you have your personal goals of life. Yet, you should always have goals for the relationship with her as well. Something to keep working for will make the bond of your marriage stronger.

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