10 annoying mistakes men make in bed

5. Being Predictable

Sex will not be interesting if it is predictable. Women do not want to have sex in the same position time to time again. They like things to be spiced up. So, men should not be predictable when it comes to mistakes men make in bed. [Read: biggest physical turn ons for guys]

6. Too Much Talking

Dirty talk is cool in bed and many women love it. Talking dirty before and during sex is considered as one of the main pleasures in life. It is good if done right, and it really adds to the sexual experience. Nevertheless, saying “Fucking hell” repeatedly, whilst gritting the teeth, grimacing, and pulling at the partner’s hair is really not exciting at all. It is quite worrying. [Read: how to seduce a woman or girl]

7. Not Being An Oral Sex Fan

Going downtown is an absolute essence – simple and plain, no explanation needed. It should be something that you do very regularly as you know it and women love it. [Read: scientific based tips for better sex]

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