11 most common mistakes that end relationships

Even the strongest and longest relationships also fail and fall apart. We see it occur all the time. It happens because no one is perfect and everybody makes mistake. So what often end a relationship? From my experience, there are a lot of things affect a relationship. These are 11 most common mistakes that end relationships, even the strongest ones. Let’s start with WikiYeah! Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes That End Relationships?

Mistakes that end relationships

1. Thinking That Your Happiness Is Your Partner’s Responsibility

One of the most common mistakes that end relationships is thinking your relationship is the source of your own happiness. Some people love so deeply in their relationship and they start seeing it as the only source of happiness on the planet. This thought burden is really hard, even impossible to bear for anyone, regardless of how much they really love you. No one should be seen as the main source of anyone’s happiness as no one will be able to live up to the level of expectation of another person. Remember that you need to have a unique source of happiness for yourself before looking for happiness in other people. Be happy and cherish with the person you, the life you are living, and the difficulties you have dealt with and bring out the happiness from elements. That way, you could share your happiness with your special one for a healthy relationship.

2. Thinking That Broken Trust Could Not Be Earned Again

Building trust is not easy, of course, but regaining lost trust is much harder. When someone breaks your own trust, it really hurts, but it occurs and we finally go through it. However, the key is to keep in mind how much you love that person, if you really love them, then you need to put faith in the trust you could remake with them. It is not an easy deal, but steadily and slowly the trust that two of you once made will come back, perhaps not in the stainless form that it used to be in, but in a repaired state that could be made stronger than ever. Hence, never lose your faith too easily.

3. Thinking That Relationships Should Be Easy

Thinking that relationships should be easy

When it comes to common mistakes that end relationships, this may be the most popular but undervalued. Relationships are not easy at all, they are the most difficult to maintain and stabilize for a long span of time. When you decide to love someone, you should be prepared enough for the world that you will enter, as it is not easy in any sense you have ever experienced. Easy relationships may end as fast and easily as they begin. Attachment and real relationships are not the same. Pure and real relationships will have many ups and downs, even more downs than ups. They require a lot of changes, effort and sacrifice. Know that romantic relationships are the nicest in the world, likewise they are not a walk in the beautiful park.

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4. Thinking That It Is Acceptable To Lie A Little Bit

No matter the lie you are saying is small or big, a lie is a lie. Your lie might be harmless, but it cannot be seen as a truth. Once you let yourself be acceptable with “lying just a little”, you are slowly moving towards the road of “lying a lot”. Remember, one lie will lead to another and you will soon find yourself stuck in a web of lies and cannot escape from that horrible web. Hence, do not lie, the truth might have bad results at first, but in the long term, they will let you move on without the thought of getting caught or being exposed.

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5. Lack Of Time Spending For Each Other

Lack of time spending for each other

This is among the most common mistakes that end relationships. I have seen even the strongest relationships break because of lack of shared time for each other. When you are in love with someone, you build a connection with them, there is no “me” anymore, but instead “us”. Throughout your relationship, you need to keep that frame of mind. You need to make sure that your partner feels cared and loved. Remember that time is among the most precious gifts that you could give someone and it is also one of the pillars of all relationships.

6. Trying To Take Control Of Your Significant Other

Many people have control issues. They always want to take control or comment on each move of their partners. Think about it, would you like to be with someone who continuously tells you what to do every move, every minute? You are not their parents. If he or she is a mature person, then you had better treat him/her like the real one.

7. Expecting Perfection

Expecting perfection

We are not perfect and we all make mistakes now and then. Do not hold your significant other to unrealistic expectation. This is particularly hard for those who hold too high expectations for themselves, but that is another subject altogether.

8. Trying To Change Your Partner

In relationships, we need to realize that we are separate individuals. Usually, we are drawn to someone who is entirely opposite to us and after a certain amount of time, we are urged by the thought of trying to change them to be the one as we wish. However, just take step back and bear in mind what made you fall in love with that person in the first place. It is not about them, but about you.

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9. Taking Your Partner For Granted

Taking your partner for granted

One of the most overlooked mistakes that end relationships is taking the other partner for granted, even a little. It is not a good idea to ignore your special partner, yet it is also not productive for your relationship to constantly worry about if he/she cares about you or not. People who are anxiously attached often become dependent and clingy, in turns it drives their partner away from them. If you are in a committed relationship, then it should not be necessary for you to keep wondering whether your partner cares about you honestly or not.

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10. Letting Your Relationship Be Slipped By The Boundaries

In a close relationship of any kind, there are boundaries. Letting other people go into your personal world, even if it seems totally harmless, could secretly erode the feelings of trust in you of your partner. If they find out, the will feel unexpectedly betrayed or insulted. For instance, let’s suppose that you tell one of your relatives that your partner does not care for his boss, now it is not likely that your relative and your partner’s boss know each other and meet, yet there is always a random opportunity. Additionally, what if your relative forgets that it is a deep secret and relates it in the conversation? It will be clear that you are the source of the information.

Your partner might never even find out what you have told, but a fact that you have done so could put your relationship in danger. You may begin to worry, and over time start to feel anxious and guilty – the emotions that could become problematic and troubling over time.

11. Not Being Able To Let The Past Go

The last but not least common mistake that end relationships is not being able to start a new life. The past is filled with heartbreak and torment. The past will live with you and make you forget the present if you allow it to. What happened in your own past is not the fault of your current partner and they could not be blamed for the sadness you have gone through, do not give them the burden that they could not carry. Learn to forgive and forget. Start a new life in a fresh way with the amount of care and love they really deserve. [MORE: signs your boyfriend is not over his ex]

Now, IT’S YOUR TURN: do you think that there is any other big mistake that end relationships? Share your thoughts with us by dropping words below. Stay blessed and keep your love alive!