Top 10 most exotic travel destinations in the world for 2015

Are you wondering which exotic travel destinations you should go for 2015?

Most people dream of taking a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to somewhere exotic and far away. Perhaps, it is to celebrate a special occasion such as a honeymoon or a memorable anniversary or just simply enjoy an escape from the daily busy life. It does not matter what your want regarding traveling exotic travel destinations; there are always some absolute exotic places for you to go to on the planet. Far-flung places such as New Zealand, Tahiti, Bali, and Hawaii are more within your reach than your thoughts.

Whether you have just started considering a trip or have been saving cash for many years, here are some exotic travel destinations in the world for you to opt for. Especially, as a big bonus, here also provides you with some helpful tips and money-saving tips to help you make your dream trips come true.

Most Exotic Travel Destinations – 10 Trip Ideas For 2015

1. Hawaii

Exotic travel destinations - Hawaii

Hawaii is very famous for its land and people. We all know, right? Among top exotic travel destinations in the world, Hawaii should be at the top position. The majesty of Hawaii would set it apart from all other states, even if the Pacific had not already done the job. Featured with rich underwater worlds, stunning landscapes, and such a noble history – this is considered as one of the tropical paradises for visitors worldwide.

When you come here, you will not have to suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D anymore. Sound funny, right? Yeah, I means, this land is full of sunlight. You will not need to convert the currency to take surf lessons, explore some active volcanoes, or go whale watching. However, the only difficulty is to choose which island to visit. Let me give you some choices: [Read: greatest things to do in Mykonos]

  • Do you love pristine beauty of Kauai?
  • Or, prefer the modern luxury of Oahu?
  • Or, go crazy for the award-winning beaches of Maui
  • Or, enjoy the natural wonders of the Big Island?

Also, Hawaii is the daily destination for many U.S carriers, such as American, Alaska, Delta, United, Hawaiian, and US Airways.

2. South Island, New Zealand

Exotic travel destinations - South Island, New Zealand

The largest island in New Zealand is South Island which has less than half of the population of the country. In this spot, you will be able to enjoy wildlife and scenery that is not like anything else in the world.

Visit this place; you will discover mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, and pristine coastlines – all of which make this destination one of the most picturesque in the world. Cuba diving, skiing, and hiking are some sport activities you can enjoy here. In addition, there are many world-famous vineyards, relaxing spas, and luxurious boutique hotels are in store for visitors to pamper themselves. So, you should not overlook this spot if you really want to visit one of the most exotic travel destinations worldwide. [Read: best things to do in Maldives]

3. New Caledonia

Exotic travel destinations - New Caledonia

New Caledonia offers visitors two vacations in one: a luxurious modern city escape along with a breezy adventure. In this destination, visitors could head to cosmopolitan Noumea, the largest city of New Caledonia, where aqua spas, vintage boutiques, art galleries, and amazing museums abound. Moreover, they can also discover kayak to those uninhabited islands, dynamic blue coral lagoons, or go to the beach to relax on warm sand and under palm trees.

4. Tahiti, French

Exotic travel destinations - Tahiti

With 118 islands and 5 amazing archipelagos, Tahiti deserves to become an exotic travel place for travelers. Tahiti is less than 8 hours from Los Angeles, yet it might be in such a completely different universe.

Featured with white-sand beaches, emerald waters, and overwater bungalows, the South Seas islands on this place will give you an amazing vacation. Visitors can enjoy a unique body wrap with banana-tree leaf, head on a cultural tour of small villages, and go adventurous on the shark-feeding expedition. Also, they can start their day in their overwater bungalow with delicious breakfast delivered by canoe. [Read: awesome things to do in Monaco]

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