Top 10 most nutritious fruits on the planet for health & beauty

Your moms always told you to consume more fruits and vegetables, yet she might not have been specific about which ones you should eat. Fruits and vegetables were ranked based on their nutritional density with an emphasis on a variety of nutrients and high “bioavailability” of each nutrient. However, there are lots of types of fruits out there that make us confused about what are the most nutritious fruits. Fortunately, this article from will show you top 10 most nutritious fruits on the planet so you can start adding a handful of those items to your daily diet and see your health boosted through the roof. Check out below!

Most Nutritious Fruits – 10 Powerhouse Of Fruits

Most nutritious fruits

1. Berries

When it comes to the most nutritious fruits available, berries always get the top position. Whether you love strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, or even those more elusive acai berries, when it comes to berries, you always get tons of benefits from them.

Berries are rich in anthocyanins, the compounds giving berries their color and high antioxidants levels. This chemical can protect the cells in your body from free radicals. Besides, consuming types of berries can also help you protect against liver injuries, improve your eyesight, reduce your blood pressure, provide anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial properties, alleviate mutations resulted by mutagens from the cooked food, and so on.

In addition, thanks to the presence of anthocyanins, consuming this fruit can play an important role in preventing those lifestyle-related diseases, like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, or neurological diseases. So, it is absolutely a not bad idea when you eat a handful of berries. [Read: worst foods to eat before bed]

2. Apples

Have you ever heard a saying that, “an apple per day could keep the doctor away”? It turns out that apples are a good choice for human health, particularly heart health.

Among many heart-healthy antioxidants present in apples, catechin, quercetin, phloridzin, and chlorogenic acid are appreciated the most. These are powerful compounds which can protect the human cardiovascular system from oxygen related damage. In addition, apples include flavonoids, which is claimed to be able to reduce the potential risk of death because of coronary heart disease and heart diseases. Moreover, apples contain a high content of both insoluble and soluble fiber, which might be helpful for cholesterol levels.

It is indicated that people who consume apples have a 27% lower risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome – the cluster of many symptoms containing high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, low levels of good cholesterol – HDL, too much fat in the waist, and high levels of triglycerides. In order to take full advantage of apples, you should eat this fruit every day with its skin on because this is where many antioxidants are located. [Read: foods highest in vitamin A]

3. Avocados

Well, when it comes to the most nutritious fruits, avocado is one of the most well-known. This superfruit is jam packed with monounsaturated fat as well as fatty acids, thereby helping in lowering the bad cholesterol – LDL while still increasing the amount of good one – HDL. Additionally, the healthy fats in avocados can also improve the absorption of many other carotenoids – particularly beta-carotene and lycopene – which are really necessary for the heart health. [Read: how to have a healthy heart]

4. Grapefruit

We all know that there are many benefits of grapefruits for health and beauty. Yet, not many of us know that it is one of the most nutritious fruits. These sweet-sour citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C, yet that is far from all. Moreover, grapefruits are also rich in lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient that gives them their red or pink flesh.

Lycopene is the potent antioxidant lowering the risk of heart disease whilst fight off those free radical and assisting in maintaining the integrity of cell membranes. Lycopene is a crucial cancer-fighting antioxidant so you should include foods containing this substance in your diet. On the other hand, grapefruit also consists of the phytonutrient called limonoids, fighting off skin, mouth, breast, lung, colon, and stomach cancers. [Read: foods highest in vitamin C]

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