7 multiple sclerosis treatment guidelines & life expectancy

3. Pins And Needles

When it comes to multiple sclerosis treatment guidelines, acupuncture might be useful for pain. Also, it is low at risk. However, there is still a word of caution for those who want to manage their MS symptoms with the help of Chinese herbal remedies after a session of acupuncture (as usual). There are a lot of Chinese herbs, such as astragalus or Asian ginseng that could active the human immune system and make MS worse or interfere with those disease–modifying medications. Therefore, it is suggested that you should stay away from any herbal home remedies after having a session of acupuncture. [Read: home remedies for neck pain]

4. Chill It Out

The symptoms of MS usually get worse when people are overheated and seem to improve with cooling. Hence, there are simple strategies for your problem, such as drinking cold drinks and staying inside with the air conditioning on. Also, you should consider wearing those specially-designed cooling garments. Cooling will improve vision, waking and possibly enhance strength, thinking and fatigue.

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