7 multiple sclerosis treatment guidelines & life expectancy

5. Go For Ginkgo Carefully

Regarding to multiple sclerosis treatment guidelines, ginkgo carefully can help with tiredness and fatigue. However, the ginkgo could impact other medications that you might take. For example, if you are taking blood thinners, ginkgo could thin your blood more. You should make sure that you talk with your medical professional and review your mediations before making a decision to use this natural treatment. Stop taking ginkgo if you are going to take any surgery.

It is worth noting that whilst people usually take ginkgo biloba to enhance their cognitive performance, it is still shown that taking it two times per day will not help those MS sufferers think more clearly.

6. Go For Meditation And Yoga

Because pain and fatigue are some common symptoms of MS, so meditation will help MS. Meditation often involves using those deep breathing exercises whilst still concentrating your mind on a phrase or word that can calm you down. You could do this right at your own home or in any quiet space or consider taking part in a tai chi class – the method combining slow-flowing movement with deep breathing and meditation and might enhance walking ability.

On the other hand, you can also take advantage of yoga as it has some positive effects on MS symptoms, similar to meditation. Moreover, yoga also helps with muscle stiffness and stability. Nevertheless, you should avoid any yoga position which puts you at the risk of falling.  [Read: little known facts about meditation]

7. Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

It is recommended that people with MS should look at their current daily habits as lifestyle could impact MS. Avoid smoking, eat healthy, manage stress, get plenty of rest, and drinking just in moderation.

On the whole, research into home remedies for multiple sclerosis is still limited. People who are interested in using herbal or supplement therapies should take serious caution. Many herbs as well as supplements have strong medicinal properties. Due to this, they might interact with prescription medication and even diet. After considering the multiple sclerosis treatment guidelines above, you should keep in mind that it takes time to build a sensible remedy regimen, and then take the benefits.

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