My husband ignores me – what to do & not do to get his attention

Have you ever found that you walk around the house in an attractive dress and still be unable to get any attention of your husband? Feeling unappreciated and ignored in a marriage could result in bad behavior of both partners and need to be handled instantly. If you continually think: “My husband ignores me,” then you may feel like you are unappreciated. Fortunately, we WikiYeah team will help you somehow.

Your husband, in fact, is much more than your mate, but your lover, even your best friend and of course your protector. Feeling as if you are ignored by your husband could be hurtful experience, might lead you to act out against him.

My husband ignores me

I. “My Husband Ignores Me” – What Problems Behind

1. Problem: He Would Rather Go Out With His Friend

If you feel like your man ignores you because they would rather go out with his mates than with you, then you are coping with the sideshow. This is a natural progression in marriages and might require just a simple conversation to fix the problem. Because you now are living together and do not get dressed up in order to see each other, going out with friends might be like a proper excuse to have some fresh air once again. This case, you can tell your man you love the idea that he has good friendships and you also want to have special day to consolidate your relationship. Reassure him that this does not mean a movie or dinner. Do not do something that makes him trade off his favorite activities. You can suggest doing something like he would rather do with his guys, be it eating chicken wings, drinking beer, or playing video games. Sharing fun memories in activities can remind him how interesting it is to spend spare time with you as a friend, rather than a lover.

2. Problem: We Do Not Have Physical Intercourse Anymore

It does not matter how the person you are is, but if you have the thought “My husband ignores me” and you we are not having physical intercourse anymore, then it is big problem in your relationship.

There is a fact that the longer you get married, chances are you will be more likely to feel bored with the same old bedroom. However, this does not mean the physical intimacy is bad. You know one another so well that you feel completely in tune with what you will do as well as what it will take in order to make you two cum. Yet, some of the sexual passion from the early stage of your relationship has likely left the maintained building.

In order to fix that problem, you need to find its root. Have a true conversation with him in order to figure out the reason why you do not have physical intimacy anymore, or at least not as regular as you want. In case there is no underlying problem, and they are not lying cheating at all, then you just need to spice it up in your old bedroom.

Think of dirty talk, role play, or some freaky positions. There are a variety of ways to spark the romance in your relationship.

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3. Problem: My Husband Does Not Text Me

In romantic relationships, at the early stage, your husband seems to not be able to wait to have a talk to you. He might give you a sneaky text or phone call during a workday and included some cutesy smileys just to make you smile.

The logic here is that you get married, and you see each other every day. This could make it more difficult for him to share the things with you through text or phone call because you already know almost daily habits of each other as soon as you are off work.

To fix this problem, you can tell your man that you miss those cute text messages from him. You could also encourage him to text you by actively sending him some dirty or cute phone calls or texts. Even when you do not have anything interesting to share, you can still text him a heart or a kissy face and wait for reciprocation. The more you let your husband know that you are thinking about him all day long, the more he will begin to do the same for you.

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4. Problem: We Do Not Communicate Anymore

This is really a huge problem. Communication is the basic of a relationship. When you stop being open with your partner or communicating, then resentment will start to grow.

A deduction in communication could originate from all kinds of things: resentment, boredom from the past misunderstandings on your behalf, underlying family problems, stress, or an affair. Well, it can be anything.

To fix this problem, you should have an honest and open conversation with your partner about the reason why he feel like he could not communicate with you anymore. As one partner is trying and the other has dropped emotionally off the face of the world, it signals a disaster for your marriage. If your partner does not feel comfortable sharing the reasons for not talking with you, then you should encourage them to go with you to couple counseling.

5. Problem: My Husband Does Not Care About My Problem

When you start noticing that you are think, “My husband ignores me”, it could cause a big strain on your marriage. It can even be that he is attentive and loving in many other aspects of the relationship, but does not give much thought or attention to your family or personal problems.

Well, take it easy. Men are also like women – very selfish. However, your husband might not realize he is ignoring your issues. By nature, men are fixers. Where women want to rehash the issues, men want to handle or find a solution for them, particularly for the ones they are protective of.

If you feel as if your problems are being ignored by him, then you can explain it to him. Sometimes, it is said that the best manner is to simply lend a listening ear. Nonetheless, if you feel that there must be underlying issues behind the fact that he is not interested in your problems, you need to ask him that how meaningful the marriage is to him and encourage him to go to couple counsellign with you.

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II. My Husband Ignores Me – What To Do & Not To Do

Now, it is time for you to find what to do and not to do when dealing with the issue “My husband ignores me.”

1. Dos’ – Be Patient

You have told your problem of being ignored with your husband and he is trying to modify his behavior. Remember that habits are not easy to break, even when he genuinely tries to do so, it will always take time. You might get angry when he shows his old habits, but keep appreciate and patient his effort as well as small changes.

2. Don’t – Constantly Accuse Him

If your physical intimacy is not good as you wish, it could be difficult not to accuse him of betrayal. If he tells you that he does not cheat on you, and you do not doubt him at all, then let it go and concentrate on fixing your relationship. Men generally do not like being questioned, particularly when they are really legitimately good to you.

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3. Do’s – Find Other Ways Outside Of Counseling

If you cannot encourage your partner to go for couples counseling, you can find another way to bond with each other. Many couples have done things as simple as watching some YouTube videos related to relationship strengthening together, or exercising together and found success with it.

4. Don’ts – Bring Up The Past

Let me ask you a question: was there any misdeed or affair in the past? If yes, then you still should not bring this up in an attempt to devalue or punish your partner for not paying enough attention to you. It was a problem of your relationship from the past, not today. Rather than playing that blame game, you should concentrate on the problems available now.

5. Do’s – Plan A Date Night

Another advice when it comes to what to do to deal with the problem “My husband ignores me.” is to have a date night. Having a healthy date night can help your couple remain good friends and lovers as well. This will remind your partner the reason why he used to like spending time with you in the beginning of the relationship.

6. Don’ts – Get Closed Off

If he is trying to fix your broken relationship, then you should not become closed off to him. In any relationship, communication is the key. You should not try to ignore him as a punishment and think it will help your relationship. Rather than, you should be open with him and do not be afraid of discussing your progress.

7. Do’s – Remind Your Man Why You Are Working Hard For This

What if he really wants to deal with your issues yet he just talks without taking actions? Then, you can write a message a per to detail a shared memory that you love, a characteristic that you appreciate in him or something else you appreciate from him. This will definitely help you keep the lines of talking and communicating open, and sometimes could be easier than voicing out your issues.

8. Don’ts – Force Him To Open Up

You want to get your man to open up to you but he does not want? Despite it is very crucial to remind both parties why you are working hard to fix the relationship problems, you still let him do the same but in his personal time. If you force him to do as what you want or force him to get open to you, you just push him away.

It could be rather frustrating to feel unappreciated and ignore, yet do not ever give up. Remember that your relationship used to work and could absolutely work again. With some effort, kindness, patience from both parties, you will get on track soon.