Panic away book review – is Barry McDonagh’s program scam?

If you are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety even while driving, shopping or at work, then you may need to find something to resolve it. Obviously, there are a lot of online products that promise help panic attack sufferers deal with their problem effectively, but do these products really work? Among such products, a product made by Barry McDonagh seems to be recommended most by former panic attack sufferers. However, is it reliable or scam? This Panic away book review will bring to you a real overview about this product to help you decide if it is worth a try or not.

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Who Is The Author – Barry Mcdonagh?

Yet, before you discover whether or not you should use the approach inside this book or not, you had better acknowledge some basic information of the person behind this ebook – Barry McDonagh. Actually, there is a reason why Panic Away book is among well-known solutions for panic attacks – that is its author. Barry is a former sufferer of anxiety and panic attack and has experience in teaching people to stop their anxiety and panic for more than 10 years. He has taught more than 150,000 people in over 32 countries worldwide, from top CEOs, police officers, to celebrities and “at-home” moms on how to stop panic attacks effectively. This review is nowhere like many other similar Panic away reviews available on the internet, which just aim to get you to buy it so they could make their commission no matter it is good for your case or not. Here, from, we aim to give you the true view about this product.

What Is The Core Method Of Panic Away Book?

As an honest Panic Away review, admittedly it is necessary to mention that one of the most appreciated things about Panic Away is that the author gives people an anxiety test first, which points out some factors like their anxiety score, understanding their symptoms, and available simple solutions to help end panic. There is a truth that why a lot of treatments today do not work well for many people, from traditional talk therapy as well as medications to those alternative treatments like NLP and hypnotherapy, is that these treatments do not really teach sufferers how to pinpoint the root cause of their panic and how to stop the fear of fear. Yes, fear of fear. Rather than, these treatments just try to teach people some copying methods without addressing the underlying problem. Most of people after following these treatments often try to avoid the places or situations that may trigger their fear, yet this just makes their body stay sensitized and anxious due to trying to look out for avoidance.

However, with Panic Away, the creator will teach you effective ways to short-circuit the panic loop right from the beginning, helping broking the panic loop instantly without using prescribed harmful medications. To put in simple words, Barry does not teach you to cope with your anxiety or panic, but beyond that, he teaches you how to end it once and for all. The main ebook includes 245 pages and the core method used in this Panic Away program is the so-called 21-7 technique, which teaches people how to stop their specific attack in 21 seconds flat and decrease their overall anxiety in no more than 7 minutes. Actually, this program is not a “one-size-fit-all” guide which just gives you the only method to deal with all types of panic attacks. For each type of panic attacks, you have a guiding map to deal with. There are also other techniques (including the “1-move” technique and the C.A.L. M method) taught in this program, and all of these techniques are specifically designed to let users’ body to heal naturally by allowing their parasympathetic nervous system to activate.

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Inside the program, you will learn clear and concise explanation of panic and practical exercises and advice for how to reduce the stress symptom and finally eliminate it. Most importantly, the approach (21-7 technique) used by Barry in the Panic Away program is also now used by many greatest doctors in the world, such as Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes. These doctors use this method to trick their patients’ mind to move out of the way so their bodies could start to relax again. And, once the anxious mind does not stimulate stress response, they will rapidly to feel more like in their normal state again.

Moreover, when it comes to advantages of Barry’s product, within the ebook, you also learn to stop panic attacks from occurring once again. To prove for the effectiveness of Panic Away, the author demonstrates some clear feedbacks below:

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However, nothing is perfect; some people said that this program is long, so it might be a little overwhelming to get along. And, this program might require users to motivate themselves to keep following it. Nevertheless, after all, it is always necessary for everyone to consistently follow something if they want to get final success in an important field, right?

What Are Included In Panic Away Program?

When ordering the Panic Away program, as a customer, you will receive both the main guide and 2 bonuses:
• The 245-page main ebook
• Panic Away DVD for fast tracking the recovery
• Panic Away CD’s
2 special bonuses, including:
– Panic Away Forum: allows you to live chat with other members of the forum and with professional support
– Panic Away Conversations ’2015′: an audio program that explains how people applied the “21-7 technique” to stop their specific anxiety or panic, including setbacks, driving, anxious thoughts, etc.
The program is launched in 3 forms: silver (digital download only), Gold (physical collection), and Platinum (both physical and digital collection).

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From my point of view, in compared with other similar products on the Internet, this program might be outstanding due to its great features like: consisting of different forms for different demands of users, containing a forum for users contacting with each other, and having personal support for each customer – all of the things that are hardly found in other products.

What If This Program Does Not Work For You?

Of course, it is unlikely that Panic Away will work for 100% of people. We all know that everyone is different and each case differs from others with particular underlying issues and differing severity levels. A method worked for one person might not work fully for another person. However, the most important thing in learning how to stop panic attack is to address its root problem, and Panic Away seems to be very successful in resolving this. Then, once you define your core problem, you will automatically handle it without too much effort.

And, most importantly, you are risky-free when using this program because if you are satisfied with its method, you will get all money back, according to the 60-day Money Back Guarantee offered by the author –Barry McDonagh.

You have 60 days to try out this product without any risk and fee. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Maybe, for some people, Panic Away will be enough to bring a final success of ending panic attack, and for others, they may need a little extra help. However, the last words for this Panic Away review, to answer for the question “Is it a scam?”, it is obviously that this program IS NOT SCAM at all.

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Now, after reading this unbiased Panic Away book review, it is your turn to decide if you want to learn the 21-7 technique inside this product or not! Remember, you have nothing to lose now!