Top 7 absolute places to travel before 30 are exposed!

If you have not stepped outside your town, it is definitely time to think about places to travel before 30. Travel young is crucial because it shapes your worldview. When traveling young, you will realize who you really are and what you really believe in before it is time to make the important decisions about career, marriage, etc that will affect the rest of your own life. It does not matter you are an alone traveler or go with your girlfriends or boyfriend, there are some amazing places to see in your 20’s. Here are top places to travel before 30 that are in no particular order. Check out from!

7 Places To Travel Before 30 – Off To See The World

Places to travel before 30

1. Cabo, Mexico

One of the great places to travel before 30 (with your friends) is definitely Cabo, Mexico. Along with beautiful guys and great beaches, it is really a girl weekend destination. Have a sun tan and drink some margaritas. It is a great place to let loose! [Read: places to travel alone as a woman]

2. Venice, Italy

When traveling to Italy, visitors should not skip a beautiful floating city – Venice. The water taxis in this great floating city will walk you to discover its centuries-old buildings as well as mouthwatering pasta. Venice is where pasta was originally invented. Thus, you should forget about counting your calorie and carb intake and eat this delicious dish in this incredible city. Moreover, with the hot Italian guys running after you, you will soon burn all them off. [Read: great things to do in Monaco]

3. Paris, France

Among amazing places to travel before 30, Paris, France always gets the top. Something about Paris has always seemed magical. Featuring with beautiful architecture, eateries and espressos, this romantic city transports you to where Audrey Hepburn in the move Sabrina first found herself.  If you are in Paris, you cannot overlook the Eiffel Tower, Chanel as well as other couture shops. Find yourself in this City of Light by walking around with your journal along with an espresso.

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